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  • Cargo bike or E-bike & trailer?
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    I love the look of load hauling bakfiets cargo bikes. They look massive and practical and kinda fun. I’d need one with battery assistance for hills. I haven’t yet taken the plunge, but I would like to get something.

    But recently I have had my eyes opened to the benefit of ebikes for faster and further MTB rides. Would an ebike with a trailer offer all of the benefit of a cargo bike, with some added fun time too? Is there some big disadvantage I am missing?

    I would not be lugging kids, just stuff, and maybe the dog.

    Premier Icon montgomery
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    E-cargo bike! I’m considering replacing the car with something like this.

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    IME e-cargo bikes are a PITA to store, even with a garage – they take up a ton of room – and it’s the same when you come to lock them up in town.
    I’m now on an e-commuter/hybrid with a trailer – the trailer is easier to store in the garage, and the 95% of the time when I don’t need to haul cargo, the e-commuter is far more convenient.
    When I do need to carry a lot, the e-cargo had the edge, but not by quite as much as one might imagine.
    YMMV of course.

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    How about a Tern GSD for the majority of cargo / passenger trips backed up with a trailer option for massive loads?
    I think they take up a normal bike’s amount of space which is quite nice.

    Not cheap though.

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    I was thinking e-mtb for fun, and then a trailer for cargo when making local trips to the shops and stuff.

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    I’ve got a Kona Ute, it’s absolutely brilliant.
    Not quite as big as a Bakfiets but it rides like a normal bike, fits in normal bike racks and works perfectly.
    It’s enabled me to sell my car and is now my most used bike.
    Mine only gets used for a mile or 3 into town and the route is relatively flat, I’d want the electric version if it was for much longer than that.

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    I like the Tern, Mrs on the back and dog in a basket on the front!

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    How about an e trailer?


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    Goddam it I tried to like the Ute I really did. Spent a small inheritance on one as a ‘car-replacement’ and sold it a loss. Daft high load height, top tube still too high for use, unbalanced, wobbly spaghetti backend feel when loaded with 4 bags. OK for an lightly-packed MTB-style cruiser, but there are so many better actual cargo bikes out there with much more time/thought/tech gone into them.

    Small wheel/or mullet config, plus stepthru-frame are minimum requirements for effective cargo hauling/efficient urban stops and starts.

    It’s just one opinion/experience but it was a hard lesson. The (shorter) Dutch cargo bike I replaced it with was infinitely better/more stable/better-equipped (once I’d changed the sprocket/ring for uk)

    Have a look at Yuba, Edgerunner, etc or yes an ebike with a trailer? Was also impressed with design of the Tern GSD too until read of frame failures.

    Home Page

    Supermarché Bosch looks good for car replacement/load-lugger/dog pilot

    Offroad bias? Again have a look at ebike plus a Burley COHO XC?

    Premier Icon dab
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    If your sole use is urban only then the cargo bike expense makes sense

    Otherwise a nice bike & trailer

    I have the Burley CoHo XC with the fat wheel upgrade, our dog & rucksacks fit fine , it’s not heavy to ride with and we both have the burley axle so can swap about to share the load / extra battery consumption

    Mega happy for the £££

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    I made myself a front loading cargo bike before the kids arrived for getting out and about with them knowing I’d have no time without them. Perfect for kids and the odd shopping but if I was using it just for shopping every now and then I’d go for a trailer.

    I also built a 6ft long flatbed trailer so towing that plus cargo bike is longer than most normal vans, you get loads of space from cars overtaking.

    I’ve carried everything from a guinea pig hutch, complete with live guineas to double beds and fridge freezers

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    Tern GSD owner and fan here. The e in ebike definitely stands for enabler. Panniers, and box and child seat and fits in the back of the estate car when needed.
    Carries boy and bike for shopping trips to allow him to ride on the flat lanes.
    For camping trips

    (Second pic, swipe)

    Should add that prior to the Tern we had a trailer for lugging the boy and goods around. The Tern is easier for all of it.

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    @shedbrewed that Tern GSD camping/bike/kid transporting setup looks excellent. Well played!

    Premier Icon Del
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    what does your dog weigh OP?

    Premier Icon shedbrewed
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    Cheers @bobl_bach it’s really made a difference to what we do as a family by bike.

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    For years I’ve had a Bob Yak trailer that’s been used and abused carrying crates of beer, bbq, camping gear, tools and shopping. Tbh, it’s brilliant and only let down by its size. A little bigger and I could carry so much more.

    However, thanks to Munich’s scheme I got a grand kick back on an eBullitt.

    Yes, it takes up more space, but until the home owners association (that as renters we’re not part of) decide to provide dedicated bike parking I couldn’t give flying wotnot.

    However, carrying large loads is a piece of cake. Four creates of beer is not a problem. The load is nice and low and you can carry large bulky items, something you can’t do with panniers.

    Took it out recently on a little five day tour of the Bavarian alps. 220km so far on one charge due to being very conservative with the use of the battery. It’s surprising what you can get up under your own steam.

    Premier Icon alpin
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    Alternatively you can combine the Bullitt with the Bob…..

    The prefect party/bbq bike.

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