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  • Carerra Vulcan for someone 6’4″?
  • Premier Icon bentandbroken

    Anyone have real world experience? My son has had a series of second hand Carerra Vulcans as he grew up as they were (at the time) the sub £500 winner on another bike website.

    At 6 foot 4 he is not way too big for the 18″ frame that he currently rides, but he loves the bike and just wants another “bigger one in the same colours”. As he has also expressed more interest in riding with his friends and me I am keen to make this happen if possible.

    However, Ebay is only showing limited suitable hits at the moment so I had a quick look at the Halfords website and noticed that it is available in Small, Medium and Large.

    The Medium is listed as 18″ and is suitable for up to 5’10
    The Large is listed as 20″ and suitable from 5’9″ – 6’1″

    I want this to be the last bike I buy him (unless lots more use/enthusiasm occurs) so am concerned that the large will still be too small.

    Can anyone with real world experience or some scientifically based knowledge give me a steer on this?



    If halfords dont make an XL size  , which your son at 6’4″ clearly needs , then you;re outta luck unfortunately.

    a quick look shows they do the vengeance in a XL if thats any use ?

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