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  • IanW

    Earlier this years I posted about an incident when a car swerved deliberately across an open road, side swiping one of our group whilst on a road ride.

    Its now almost November and the powers that be are just about ready to bring a charge of careless driving.

    There are four witnesses to someone deliberately driving a car at someone and hitting him and the best that can be done is careless driving 6 months later, I find it staggering.

    Since the incident I seem to take an increased interest in similar stories, there’s loads on Road CC Road CC Careless Driving

    Seems in this country you have do run some one over repeatedly whilst speeding, drunk and on the phone for it to be even considered dangerous.

    Do other countries take the same view of driver responsibility and why do we let it happen?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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