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  • Cardiff to Brighton – Car or train?
  • ell_tell

    Meant to be going down to Brighton this Sat to see a mate. I’ll be travelling down from Cardiff and my friend in Bristol is also coming.

    Looking on the trainline the route they suggest takes you via Portsmouth and costs £60 odd.

    Is this the best route to take or is there a better route? Or would it be easier to drive bearing in mind there will be two of us?

    Does anyone know how long it would take to drive Cardiff to Brighton?


    Drive, pick your friend up from Bristol and split the fuel costs.
    It’s aprox 200Miles, M4/M25/M23. Leave early and you will miss the traffic, then return late for the same easy drive.

    Don’t be tempted to go cross country, i asure you it takes ages!

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    allow 3 hours from bristol, 4 from cardiff.

    trains are direct from bristol and assuming no works in progress pretty reliable.

    probably cheaper to drive (purely in fuel costs).


    Mmm, sounds like driving is probably the more practical option although I would prefer to get the train down personally.

    Is there a better train route than Cardiff-Portsmouth-Brighton to search for on the National Rail site?

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    not really – everythign else will involve going across london.

    there used to be direct trains to brighton from bristol.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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