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  • mine are built with alloy nips and no washers.

    I’ve read on LB that there is no max tension data for spokes as the spokes were snapping before they would pull through the rim, so I would say washers not needed.

    Alloy v brass nips debate still rages on but I’ve never had a problem with alloys so will continue to use them but oil well as I build them.


    My light bicycle carbon rims have finally arrived and I’ve just dropped them down to my lbs.

    The builder asked a few questions :

    Nipples. Brass or Aluminium
    Nipple Washers. Yes or No.

    I’ve emailed LB to see what they suggest but what do you guys think. I was under the impression neither brass or aluminium corroded as such, so I’m not sure of the benefits to each..

    I assume nipple washers would help prevent spokes pulling through the rim. Are these necessary on carbon.


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    If it’s going to see road salt much then alu nipples are madness imo. They’re never a totally great idea, there’s always downsides but once you throw corrosion into the mix they’re a disaster- seize on, then crack.

    Still swithering about which to use on my LB wheels, I don’t like alu nipples but they save entire grams, so it is sorely tempting.

    Nipple washers- no, the spoke isn’t going to pull through the rim unless the rim is damaged or faulty.

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    Alu are lighter, but will cause problems down the line when you try and true the wheel.

    Nipple washers unnecessary.


    Brass for me and I still managed to damage one during the build!

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    Oh aye, meant to add, the LB rims have a maximum spoke tension of ZOMFG- 180kgf. Which is twice Mavic’s limit for their mtb rims. They’re really not worried about pulling through.

    Aside; I think I’d take them to a shop that knows whether or not to use nipple washers.


    Brass nipples-ideally prolock, or use something like spoke freeze.
    Nipple washers would depend on the rim specs & can sometimes affect the length of nipple needed from what I’ve found in the past.


    Cheers for the feedback chaps. I had a response from light-bicycle ..

    The brass nipples will be better.
    We do not use the washers, but, if using, it will be better.

    For spokes tension please find our reply as below:

    A. Tension for “transportation riders” (Comfortability)
    80-90kgf are ideal for regular transporation riders or exercise on a regular basis.
    B. Tension for “enthusiast riders” (Balance)
    100-110kgf are good for people with enjoyful and training purpose.
    C. Tension for “professional riders” (Performance)
    120-130kgf are charged for riders who are expertized in riding or competition.
    the recommendation spoke tension is less than 130kgf..

    So they’re pretty non committal. Basically it “would be better” to use Brass and washers..

    I’m certainly going to go with the brass and I’ll see what the wheel builder thinks about the the washers. I’m not overly fussed on the lightness I just want a stiff wheelset that I can depend on.

    Fingers crossed I’ve made the right decision

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    Interested as to why they’re recommending higher spoke tension for more ‘serious’ riding, presumably they’re subscribing to the higher tension = stiffer wheel misconception.

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