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  • tpbiker

    Specifically the light bicycle ones.

    Not hearing great things about carbon road wheels and braking in the wet. If I got a set they’d be my ‘good wheels’ which would get used throughout the warmer months, regardless of whether its wet.

    Without the luxury of swaping wheels dependent on conditions, does common sense dictate you always go with an alloy rim?


    why would you want carbon wheels, i would think carefully. Plenty of the roadies i have been riding with aren’t impressed with deep rims in blustery conditions let alone wet.

    If you need the fastest wheel for racing or tt’s go for it and accept the problems, or go for Campag. Bullets or similar, and get alu brake tracks. Otherwise just get a set of alu rims, either save your money or get a very light set of wheels.


    was going to go with non deep section carbon, only because for 350 quid I can get a wheelset for 1300g.

    Mine are not noticeably worse under braking than my aluminium rims. Even in the wet.


    Personally, I’m interested in longevity and reliability over ultimate weight saving.
    I currently have Shamal Ultra which are light enough but are super reliable, my previous Eurus have done “quite a lot of riding – including la Marmotte, Maratona does Dolomites, 3 trips for a week in the Pyrenees, 2 trips to the Alps, 5 years of club runs, 7 Dragon Rides, 200 mile week commuting, and are now on my cross bike…..


    If you use proper brake pads, then there will be no issues.
    I did a race where it was pissing down and we were braking hard from 45mph for tight left hander, no problem.
    I use Swissstop Yellow.


    I have Planet X 50mm deep sections that I bought for Cyclocross. I have CR720 brakes with Yellow swiss stops and braking is absolutely non existant.
    I changed the Cantis to TRP CX8.4s with Yellow swisstops and it is marginally better. but still ridiuculously scary. Not sure what to try next..except go back to ali rims..


    All carbon on the rear and carbon with ally brake track on the front, just in case it rains… 😉


    Aye, I know it looks trendy and cool to use deep rims just like the pros, who’s sponsors get to plaster their names, etc in yet another location on the bike. But I see no need for me to use them, plus those I know who have ridden with them grizzle-n-moan about side winds.

    I’ve recently built a bike and used Kysrium sls clinchers at around 1300g per set. Bike comes in at 7.7Kg, with the only carbon item being the seat post and sti levers. I didn’t want carbon rims, nor carbon spokes so at the time, the Kysriums seems to be as high as I could go in the Mavic range.

    I’m happy, the rims are low profile so I don’t have any issues with side winds catching the wheels and the wheel set is the lightest I’ve ever owned.


    I have a set of Hope Pro 3 Carbon wheels and use swisstop yellow pads with them. No issues at all with stopping in the wet, or overheating rims. It’s fair to say that I don’t use them in the winter so I’ve not tested them in a full on winter deluge.

    PS the swisstop yellow pads are great, but eye wateringly expensive when I last bought some.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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