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  • Carbon Frame Damage… any experts?
  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    looking at the third picture I’d get the place that does it properly to do it properly.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Agrees with wwaswas. Ouchy 🙁


    Least stressed tube on the bike, my money says it will be fine. If it was metal, it’d be dented or bent at most, would you be worried?


    First thing to do is email the company and ask what they think..if its bad, then these guys will sort it out, they repaired a carbon scale for me and were good, recommended to me by Scott uk who said they are the best around

    HQ Fibre Products

    Tel: 01603 713972

    Vale Farm Workshop, Blofield Rd, Lingwood, Norwich, Norfolk NR13 4AJ


    Looks fine.


    I guess it’s very hard to tell from a photo. But I can’t be the only person to have ever done a bit of damage so I though I’d ask for other people experiences.

    Somehow my 2 month old 🙁 frame became damaged over the weekend. It still seems very very stong, no amount of pressure on it can get it to flex.

    I’m thinking either

    1) Get some proper Arraldite / Resin to seal it all back up and do it myself

    2) Send it to the place in derbyshire that does carbon bike frame repairs.

    What have other done?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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