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    I am considering buying some carbon deep dish wheels for my Cervello. Somthing circa 50mm and a clincher. Either Zipp or Reynolds.

    My question is will they make much difference at all? Roll faster? Is aero worth the 1k plus outlay?

    I currently have some Tune hubs on DT rims from posh bikes. 1300grams. So not cheap wheels by any means


    they’re almost completely pointless*.

    actually, that’s not true, they do allow for lots of huge branding. you can have the word ‘Reynolds’ or ‘Zipp’ in size 300 font plastered all over your wheels.

    if you want to turn yourself into a rolling advertisement, and let everyone know you’ve spent £thousands on your wheels, then go for it, they’re great.

    i was talking to a friend of mine about this sort of thing; he’s a lecturer in sport science at a local university.

    he’s actually done some work on this kind of thing, and he claims the most important ‘aero’ thing is body position, after that it’s over-shoes…. bizarre – but that’s what the man with the phd told me.

    (*there is an aerodynamic advantage, but really, how much do you think you’ll gain?)


    if you are not racing what’s the point?

    if you are racing you should already know the answer

    you’re not a triathlete by any chance? 😉


    That is kind of what I thought. If it makes so little point no real point spending the cash!!

    Interesting what you say about shoes. Goes some way to explain why shoe socks are getting so popular!!


    Can you average over 25mph on all your rides?
    No? don’t bother.


    There are benefits but the traditional rationale is for TTers only – there may be data online.

    They’ll be heavier and less comfortable too, I’d stick with what you have.


    Coolio thanks for the info lads…

    I’ll leave as is then..


    to be fair I used to have pair of shamals

    you noticed the speed difference and it was nice to go out on them when in form and in good weather, I was also doing the odd TT and RR so kept them mainly for that

    if the cash is burning a hole in your pocket there are worse things to buy….and also better


    I’ve got Zipp 404’s. Whether they help or not I don’t know but they look bling!

    They can be a handful in strong crosswinds and they do make a stiffer ride.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Tubs or clinchers?

    FFWD F4Rs look the mutts, reasonable price, light.

    I had some Bonty Aeolus 5.0 clinchers, they were incredibly fast on the flat and downhill, really noticeably quicker. But they were a lot of effort on the climbs, due to heavy rims, which is always a problem with deep section clinchers, unless you spend crazy money.

    on and on

    I use Ultrasonic 40mm clinchers with ceramic bearings. Nice and fast but the cross winds really do push me around.
    for the record-1550 grams and most of that is in the rim. I’d rather have non aero 1300 clinchers if I were buying again.


    I agree with Mr_Mojo

    They may help, they may not, but boy they’ll make the bike look lush. Isn’t that reason enough to buy some? I did.

    Oh, and keep your Tune hubs and get a pair of Tune Schwarzbrenner rims. You’ll not find a better full carbon rim with better braking, in the wet OR dry.


    I saw the Tune carbons.. There £1600for a whelset…

    Defo going clincher. Tubs are to much hassle…

    As for ffwd wheels not a fan. There to heavy. circa 1700grams a set. I want somthing sub 1400grams…

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