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  • iolo

    How old is the battery? If old get a new one.
    If quite new somethings drained it.

    Does it turn oveR?


    I switched off both engines

    here’s your problem

    Connect cables
    Start your car and leave for a few mins to put some charge into wifes car
    Start wifes car AND LEAVE IT RUNNING
    Remove cables
    Take wifes car for a decent drive around to charge battery.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Do you have facilities to charge the battery outside of her car? It would be my choice as a first port of call.

    It may be her battery was on its way out and this has done for it though.

    If you get it started again leave it all connected up for 10 minutes to give the battery a bit of a charge.

    Oh, and it coudl be her alternator isn’t giving any current which is why it won’t run without your car engine to provide electricity.

    anyone know what is likely to be wrong?

    perhaps this?

    (as per the instructions)

    I’d have just left the car running or better, taken it for a spin.


    Probably the battery, easy to replace for £50+ depending on the car.
    What is the car and how old?

    Premier Icon kcal

    yes, wouldn’t have switched it off again without a 30 min spin.

    As above, does it turn over? flooded engine?


    Make sure you have a good connection when you clamp the jump leads onto the battery terminals.As above leave jumpers connected rev good engine a bit then try starting dead car.

    Also it’s worth noting that if jump starting newer cars the neutral cable should be clamped to the chassis rather than the battery terminal as this prevents it frying the ECU if there’s a big power surge.


    Cheers all, I’ve had a brew and tried again and still no joy. It looks like the garage will be called in the morning 🙁


    So my next question is do I call the usual garage who’d need to come and pick it up or do I call a mobile mechanic who can try to diagnose on the drive?


    what is the car…..and how long was the holiday ?


    or jump start it again but leave the jump cables connected for a while longer?

    Premier Icon mikey-simmo

    the click might be a stuck starter. put it into reverse gear drop the handbrake (not if your on a hill) then give the car a shove, might release the stuck dog gear if thats what it is.


    Hi, we’re just back from holiday and my wife’s car won’t start. I tried to jump-start it from mine and it all seemed to be going well until (as per the instructions) I switched off both engines, disconnected the jump-leads and tried to re-star the wife’s car and all it did was click, I then re-connected the jump-leads, re-started my car, but the dead car still won’t start now. Is there anything else I can try before I call the garage and does anyone know what is likely to be wrong? Thanks.


    Mine did this recently. Turned out to be a dodgy earth connection between -ve battery terminal and the chassis. Check the terminals are clean, bit of WD40 or vaseline helps conductivity. Get a multimeter and check voltage both before jumping it, and then after taking it out for a 30min razz – should be well over 12V.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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