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  • Car warranty when the owner has died.
  • sharkbait

    My mum bought a 3 year old mini from a mini dealer last April which would have come with a 12 month warranty.

    Unfortunately she died in December and the car is now at my house house. When I checked it the other day there I found a bit of mould on the passenger footwell carpet.
    A bit of googling suggests this could be a blocked/broken sunroof drain (very possible as the car has leaked although it’s not moved) and could be a little tricky to fix (my XC90 did the same but was an easy fix) as it involves removing some headlining.

    If I go back to the dealer on my mums behalf could there be an issue as the warranty would be in her name?


    It could just be lack of use. Clean it up and see if it comes back.

    Maybe get one of those dehumidifier things that has a desiccant in it to keep it dry.

    Chances are an after market warranty wouldn’t be comprehensive enough to cover every small item on the car that would cover this.


    I’d try BMW/Mini customer services first to have a chat about the warranty. Should be very helpful from previous experiences

    I would do some digging first, i.e read the contract if you have it. Just to try and gain some evidence in case CS start messing you about.

    Having said that, like legend says, I too have nothing but praise for BMW/Mini CS. Their central team supported my claim for a rather expensive warranty repair on an M3 I bought from Sytners that same week. Sytners didn’t want to know (******s). Local dealer didn’t want to pick up the tab either, so the central team forced the two of them to go split it 50/50. Generally had excellent service from them since.


    My OH has a nearly 4 year old mini (bought when just over 12 months old), which has extended warranty/care package, and I have to say the dealership have been excellent, any warranty put in place transfers to the new owner, so she’s had all the benefit or the first owners outlay, they’ll fix nearly anything on the car, for free, providing you haven’t caused it yourself through accident or misuse.

    Give them a bell, if it’s a known issue I think they’re likely to cover it.


    It could just be lack of use. Clean it up and see if it comes back.

    I noticed it when I brought the car here in December (I thought something must have been spilt) and it was in regular use until then. I cleaned it up at the time but has since returned in the same place.

    These seem to be the exclusions:

    The following are not covered by the MINI Cherished Used Car Warranty: brake and clutch facings, discs and drums, bulbs (except Xenon), fuses, channels and guides, weather strips and seals, handles, hinges and check straps, trim upholstery, and cosmetic finishes, wheels and tyres, wipers blades and arms, glass, auxiliary drive belts, coolant and fuel hoses, the cleaning and adjustment of any component and all service items or items that will require periodic replacement. Corrosion is also not covered by the warranty.

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    So the car and anything that could go wrong with it are not covered by the warranty?


    To be fair to them it’s just wearing parts that are not covered.

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    Give them a call. It’s the only way to know.


    Another thing to check is the door seals.

    I wouldnt have thought it would too hard to sort but nip it in the bud now before you get mould growing everywhere as the weather warms up and it evaporates during the day.

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