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    A waste of money?

    My car’s about to come to the end of it’s warranty period. It was a Subaru approved used Forester, and we haggled 2 years warranty for it. So I’m thinking of taking out one of those extended warranties you pay for.

    Subaru have offered one which gives me pretty much carries on with what I have already, and the ones on offer from Warranty Direct and Warranty wise are a bit more pricey.

    Any thoughts from the hive mind? Good Idea or a money extraction scam via my paranoia about cars going kaput…?

    I’ve heard a few horror stories about Warranty wise and Warranty direct not paying out. I would personally stick with the Subaru warranty they will be much more likely to pay out.

    IIRC warranty direct only pay out a proportion of the claim based on the cars age. When I looked at it on my car (5 yeas old) you’d a repair bill almost enough to write the car off even to cover the premium.


    Save the money

    Look after he car – service it regularly and get noises looked at early.


    non manufacturers free warranties are not worth the money you will spend, far too many exclusions..
    put £50 per month into a savings account / under the mattress @ hope nothing goes wrong, if you get a few years with nothing major you are a long way towards the cost of replacing your car with a newer one..
    Anything that was likely to fail due to manufacturing defect / design (ie the unexpected things that are covered by a warranty) would have failed within a couple of years, anything that fails after that time will be classed as “wear & tear / end of servicable life” and not covered.

    Premier Icon 2unfit2ride

    If any then the manufacturers warranty if it is indeed a manufacturers warranty & not a third party offering. Best look at the small print very carefully & ask a few garages if they will deal with that warranty company.
    I often have to try & make claims & 9 out of ten times they don’t pay out. Best one was for a wheel bearing that failed after 9k miles that the warranty company said was W&T, I said no its not & they asked me to prove it wasn’t if I wanted to pursue the claim, yeah right oh.


    They’re not warranties, they’re insurance against faults. The sellers make money out of them; who does this money come from?

    Save the money, look after the car, pay to get it fixed if it breaks (or learn to fix it yourself).

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