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  • Car TPMS Sensors
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    I’ve picked up a set of barely used winter tyres on alloys – fit soon, just in case the winter is harsh. These were used on exactly the same car as mine.

    My car has TPMS sensors, the wheels I bought also have OEM TPMS sensors fitted.

    Excuse my ignorance, but after I have fitted, does my car recognise the sensors fitted to these – new to my car – wheels or do I need to do something?

    Also, presume the sensors do not mind what wheel they are on – no need to have the left front on the previous owners car fitted left front on mine?


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    On my car ….the car didn’t care so long as the tires were inflated.

    I had the winters on the Tpms warning light was on (don’t have sensors in my winter wheels because I have eyes) and was collecting my alloys from the powdercoaters. Just having the 4 wheels in the boot put the light off

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    It depends on the car, I think. On my Focus, the car has to be taught to recognise the TPMS sensors every time I swap summer to winter or vice versa. There’s a routine of turning the key and pressing the brake, but it still requires a gadget to activate each sensor. Five years ago the gadgets were expensive but they are on eBay for £10 now.

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    Very much car dependent.  On my Nissan they (presumably) talk via Bluetooth across the wheel well whilst on a Mitsubishi you had to re-code the engine every time.

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