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  • car racks – anything new worth a look?
  • legend
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    Going to need to get a rack for the car very soon, it’ll likely be a tow ball so plenty of good options around. I’ve had a Pendle before but not going down that route as they aren’t great for massively varying wheelbases (of bikes).

    So, Thule – pick the one in your budget?

    Buzz Rack Buzzwing looks ok?

    Aiston – bust? Bit similar to Pendle too iirc

    Atera – look like a good Thule rival?

    Any particular thoughts/recommendations on the above? Any that I might be missing?

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    Whisperbar thingy from Looks the badger’s nadgers. Seriously thinking about swapping from an Atera Strada.

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    it just holds the wheels so super safe for carbon frames

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    I’ve had an Atera Strada for around five years now and it’s been totally problem free

    I think the only fault it’s ever had is a blown bulb in January this year witch cost about £1.50 to sort out.

    I would however swap it for their ebike approved one as it has a longer wheelbase recomendation.

    Though ours is carting around a medium and a large Geometron without any trouble even though it’s way over the recomended wheel base.

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    How many bikes do you need to carry?

    If only 1 or 2 the Buzzrack Scorpion is definitely worth a look. Will take my 29+ bike (with longer straps) and XL DMR hardtail (1200+ wheelbas) no problems.

    Folds away as well, and feels very sturdy when attached. It’s rated for ebikes too, so no problem weight wise.

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    I hadn’t noticed the Scorpion, looks pretty good. Thule seem to be almost double the price if you want one that holds up that small. Probably just going for a 2 or 3 bike setup, so that could be a good shout

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    I have a Pendle heavy duty – it looks exactly the same as my mates normal one except the loops are bugger – dunno if that warrants 50 odd quid extra but.
    It is pretty good and fits most bikes, including XL orange 5 which is the longest I have tried. If you are anywhere near Crawley you are welcome to come over and see if it fits your bike.

    Bike racks are a problem, there isn’t a perfect enduro/gnarrcore/family crossover rack. Somebody needs to design one.

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    u and i are next to each other on the keyboard.

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    I’ve had a Heavy Duty in the past, was great until I started having to adjust it fairly often for different bikes. Then I found that some of the parts had rusted together, screws started threading and others snapped (when just trying to undo them). Shame as it was properly solid when together. Ended up just bolting it together in one position and just making do

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