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  • On comparison sites or on the phone, I always get asked if I’ll be using my car to commute to one regular place of work. Now, I work offshore and generally go to a hotel in Aberdoom the night before flying. Could I drive my car to the hotel and still claim I’m SDP use only? I don’t work at the hotel and I can’t technically drive to the rig, so I can’t see why I should pay SDP + commuting premiums, especially given insurance co’s propensity for taking things literally when it benefits them.

    All hypothetical, of course. It costs more in petrol and parking than in train & hotel fees.


    I’m not sure of the answer to your question but I’ve never been charged any more for SDP + commuting rather than SDP only use.

    There’s about a £150/year difference on my most recent quote.

    b r

    Look at the cost of full business, cheaper for me than private+commuting.


    Where’s the car when you’re offshore?

    Equally, it’s still commuting when you’re driving


    Have you tried the NFU for insurance, I changed all mine to them this year, they were also cheeper than any other company for my car to be used for business, Plus I talk to one guy at my local branch which make a change. 😛

    I’d probably leave the car at the hotel, although there is a car park round the back of the airport. And yes, technically I’m commuting, but the question is specifically “to one usual place of work”. I don’t work at the hotel. Or the carpark.

    Also, how does it work for training courses. There are about 6 courses a year I go on. Would travelling to these fall under “commuting to one usual place of work”?

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