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  • duntmatter

    I’m going to be the only driver on a 10 day holiday in the US next month. Flights booked and really looking forward to it..

    The problem is I only passed my driving test a few months ago, and I’m told you can’t rent a car unless you’ve been driving for at least a year. 😯

    Is this true? If so, has anyone got experience of buying a banger or doing car delivery over there?


    Done car delivery but you will be very lucky if it fits in exactly with your dates.

    Bought a truck in Texas and couldnt sell it due to not having an insurance certificate. I didn’t know anything about this but got very lucky when a friend of a friend helped me out. Dont know what the rules are in other states.


    Not heard of a restriction on how long you need to have held a licence only a minimum age [21]

    I’ve used a few times without issue
    They’re just a broker for the big rental companies

    top tip – buy whatever addons and insurance you want upfront and flatly refuse everything they try to get you to take when you pick it up

    EDIT from Car3000s website

    Driver Age & Requirements
    The minimum driver age required is 21 .
    Young drivers aged between 21 and 24 Inclusive pay $25-$30+Tax per day
    All drivers must hold a full and valid Driving licence issued outside USA & Canada . Unfortunately it is not possible to rent this vehicle on this package with a licence issued in the USA & Canada.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Don’t take the camaro upgrade, they’re rubbish. Should have taken the mustang.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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