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    Might be worth looking to see if your car has an official factory option; many of them can be retrofitted. Certainly the VAG ones can.


    Premier Icon Cougar

    Parrot are well regarded I believe.


    We’ve got parrot MKi9200 ones in both cars – absolutely brilliant.

    Bought as they can play all your music on the iPhone/iPod controlled by the remote.

    As a hands free it works great, and the iPod control tipped it for me. Only originally bought so we could play music in the car without changing head units for aftermarket ones, but now use the hands free function loads too.

    Pricey, but well worth it. Got ours on eBay and fitting took me no more than an hour per car.



    Until I got an iPhone a few years ago, I was always careful not use my fone in the car, but my Samsung never worked properly so have been usiing the fone illegally. Knowing that my luck will soon run out, can anyone recommend a simple but effective kit for an iPhone 4 please?


    Parrot are very good


    Can you use a bluetooth ear-piece to receive calls? I have a plantronics one paired with both my personal and work phone. Works really well.


    I’m using a Pama PNG 111 Bluetooth FM Transmitter works really well as hands free and also FM transmitter for TuneIn Radio..

    I also have a Parrot MKi9200 and an Android phone, it works really well and is easy to install. Trickiest part was trying to hide the little display screen cable.
    If I were to get another i’d get a cheaper variant with a smaller screen – BT music streaming means the cd player isn’t used anymore.


    £70+ Pioneer headunits have Parrot Bluetooth Hands Free built in them..

    Expecting a delivery of a nice new HU this afternoon!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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