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  • Car – Good idea or mechanical stupidity?
  • gixer

    Pretty pointless generalising with stuff like this as there are such a vast array of types, tunes, motors etc that even if you compare one turbo’d motor to another the difference will be dramatic.

    If you drive a car with a Rotrex type SC it will feel a LOT different that a car with a twin scroll roots type SC.
    Likewise a variable vein turbo will feel very different than a bog standard turbo.

    Add to that different engine sizes, cylinders, tunes etc and it makes a MASSIVE difference.
    A roots SC feels totally different on a 5L V8 than it does to a 1.8 4 cylinder in-line 4

    Jump in a E46 M3 and it’ll feel dramatically different than a Civic type R.

    Right now i’ve got one of each (Smart for2 = turbo, MX5 = MP62 roots SC, A3 = N/A 3.2L V6) all the cars each serve a purpose and they all offer varying degrees of driving entertainment.

    I think modern electric steering and auto gearboxes is more a concern when it comes to our future driving enjoyment than what type of method a motor uses to make it’s power.

    Tough to see into the future but it’s a good time to start up a turbo rebuild company 😉


    Turbo chargers = good power, good economy, driving experience compromised through lag

    I have a Golf GTI, it has no noticeable turbo lag whatsoever. It feels normally aspirated. It’s not like an old Saab turbo!

    New cars mostly use small spinny turbos that make lag pretty much a thing of the past. The old whopping great turbos that were all or nothing are thankfully gone.

    Premier Icon richmars

    That’s all you need, if not fastest, it’s most fun.
    eg bikes, or better still, bike engines in kit cars.


    I think Chrysler developed a hybrid turbo/supercharger thing a few decades ago.
    It would be powered like a supercharger at the low end and then a clutch would disengage at higer revs so it would work like a normal turbo. I guess it wasn’t embraced by the merkin market and quietly shelved, like their big V’s that could shut down various cylinders in cruise mode (basically used them as air springs so were apparently quite an efficient trick).

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    There are advantages to turbo in terms of driveability. My mate’s Skoda 1.8t petrol has a flat torque curve from 1,800rpm, that’s only possible because of its turbo. Pulls like a train from low diesel type revs, 1,800rpm and keeps piling on the power until 6,000rpm. Nice.

    A simpler solution to the OP’s ‘problem’ would be an electric hybrid system. Store energy in a battery and dump it to the wheels whilst your NA engine is winding up. If anyone thinks hybrid tech is only for wussy eco cars, have a look at Lexus.. GS450h

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Need a supercharger, turbo charger, etc?

    Engine’s too small…. 🙂


    Gonna start a new thread. “What bike rack/canopy bars for a Tornado GR4?” Needs to stay on at full thrust. 😀

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Or another idea to eliminate lag – a compressed air cylinder to ram air into the intake for half a second til you’re on boost.

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