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  • Dai

    I don’t need to ring and ask. I’m a MOT tester.

    If it’s wrong, it’s not a fact.

    Tyre pressure lights only apply to cars registered after Jan 12 also.


    I was on the misunderstanding that it was all warning lights so I was wrong and Dai is correct. However the quote below

    Dai – Member

    jekkyl – Member
    Also, under new laws it won’t pass MOT with any light on, on the dash.

    That’s not true.

    Isn’t correct either as it seems to be all but the engine warning light and the reason this seems to be excluded at the moment is down to it being a warning for a multitude of faults. As I understand, rightly or wrongly, is that not all MOT tester have the equipment to check the specific fault or if there is a fault and the lamp has been disabled hence why it currently excluded. Since most engine warning light relate to emissions sensors I would expect it to included in the future as fail but currently Dai is correct and it won’t fail for this lamp being lit.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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