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  • Car battery – why not go for the cheapest?
  • csb

    They seem to range from £40 to £100

    Why would I need an expensive one to replace the dying one in my Fiesta?


    no reason, get the cheapest 😀

    & park on a hill.

    Only reason to spend a bit more is to get the 5yr warranty from Halfords. But I reckon its a false economy, I’ve had three and they all went just outside the 5yrs!

    I just get the RAC out to replace mine – saves me the hassle and get a 3 (?) year warranty.


    The cheap ones are likely to be slightly worse manufacturing-wise than the expensive ones. To be honest, my local motor factors used to sell the battery for my car for 30 for the el-cheapo, and 40 for the bosch super all singing silver exide whatsit with a 3 year guarantee. It’s lasted 7 so far with no problems, even having been drained completely flat 4 times for weeks on end.


    There’s a firm in the West Midlands that sell batteries online. If you look on Google Shopping they’ll be one of the cheaper ones. I got a 4 year warranty Ka battery for 40 quid, came next day.

    Can’t see why I wouldn’t buy the cheapest at that, nobodies giving out more than 4 year warranties, and it’s not underspecced. Check the CCA figure and Ah are as good as the standard battery.

    Check with your mates and see if any of them have got a Halfords Trade Club card. If they have, use that to buy the battery then an expensive battery becomes a cheap battery and you still get your 5 year warranty.
    If you’re in West London, let me know and you can use my card.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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