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    04 Honda Accord Tourer- current (Honda) battery is a 48Ah, 420 CCA effort measuring L237, W122, H230mm.

    Awaiting confirmation but heard the Honda OEM batteries are only guaranteed for one year.

    The closest non-Honda battery is this Exide but specs aren’t the same- how important is this?

    Can’t find a higher Ah/CCA that will fit either..


    If I remember correctly Ah was just how much power the battery has if the alternator suddenly fails ie how much time you have to get off the motorway. Cca is cold cranking amps and that’s the power the battery has to turn the engine over. Have you tried your local motor factors they should have a few batteries in stock that should fit with varying warranties, cheapest is usually 1 yr.


    Go to halfords and get one from there and more Ampere Hours than std. No such thing as an OEM battery, just std batteries that OEMs like to sell at a premium.


    I’ve bought my battery on ebay at competitive price. Remember Bosch=Varta, they are same battery coming from same factory with different stickers and prices.
    According to Halfords site your battery size is 075, pick any brand you fancy.

    I take it your car is petrol, so batteries would be cheaper …

    Those ones are too powerfull though, guess you dont need any petrol with them. Travel by just cranking.


    Have a look at euro car parts. Put in your reg number and they’ll suggest the suitable batteries. If you have a little google search you will usually find a discount code that makes the price competitive. Click and collect from you local branch.
    As said there’s almost certainly no such thing as an oem battery. Just one that Honda sell at a premium.

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    The diesal battery is bigger, so won’t fit. I’ve trawled- nothing in the right size seems to meet/exceed the standard spec.


    My local motor factors were really helpful for my non std MX5 battery


    I used seem the cheapest & still the same warranty as any other. I bought one of their own branded batteries & it seems fine, & had next day delivery!
    Even found a voucher code to make it cheaper still when I bought mine (3CD3F3EC5A for 5% off) – no idea if this is still valid though.


    OEM battery in my car was small wrapped up in some kind of insular box, same as my previous car (Accord) also had small 065 battery.

    Both were replaced with bigger -diesel- batteries, at first I doubted they would fit but relied on Halfords guidance. And in both cases they did fit.

    Look at your old battery and see size N on it, measurments are all standard. It looks like you talking about 053 or 156. (053 12v 45ah 380acc 238 129 227 T1). Don’t see any battery top your spec power wise. and in 156 flavour.

    Those Yuasa batteries are very well known on jap motorbikes as oem (Bosch of Japan).

    Help yourself with sizes

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