Canyon? yes or no?

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  • Canyon? yes or no?
  • Currently looking into getting a new bike and looking seriously at the Canyon Nerve AL+ 9.0, great spec is it a solid frame?

    If anyone with a Canyon can tell me about their customer service as I sent a question by e-mail on Saturday about the spec and have still to get a reply.

    Main concern is the lower bearing of the headset sits directly in the frame.


    Hopeless customer service, but cheap bikes (for what you get).

    Some people don’t care about the customer service, no matter how useless, if they can pick up (what they think is) a bargain.

    Just bought a time trial bike for them and communication was ok thoughout. From buying to delivery was 7 days. I did find that I wasn’t getting too quick a response from the UK office so I went direct to germany with better results.

    You could try calling them. 020 85 496001


    Had one since June 2011. Long lead time but updates were accurate. Broken trivial part out of box replaced instantly. 2 x failures of the original Reverb sorted immediately. Happy with the bike & would buy another.

    Having had a warranty claim refused on a previous LBS bought bike, I’m happy to take the distance risk.


    I bought a Canyon Nerve AM this time last year, It’s a great bike with great spec, the bottom bearing on the headset is still going strong (if it does fail spares can be bought easily)

    I’ve heard a few people complain about the UK customer services (I’ve never had any issues myself) but they are opening a new center in the coming months which should make things a lot easier.

    I would say go for it, I’ve certainly not regretted buying one.

    no what you need is a kona stinky

    Love mine. I recommend them to everyone i meet. just wish my AM came with a double and a device. I really dont need 30 gears 🙁

    Also order 3x spar mech hangers, and anything else you might need with the bike, cos they charge a £15 flat rate for any postage, even single mech hangers.


    3 of my riding buddies have em!,,, they seem happy enough with em 🙂


    i own last years canyon am 7.. i had no issues with customer services. bike is fantastic, this years model is 1 degree slacker in the head angle, which i think is a improvement in the geometry. go for it mate, im sure you wont be disappointed!!

    Thanks for the responses. Esp giantx4 actual people with bikes is what i needed to hear. My other option was the Norco Sight 2 SE from Evans (SE is an upgrade exclusive to them).

    Thanks for the heads-up on spares. can you get third party mech hangers anywhere?

    I’m fine with replacing the bearings in the headset the concern is that you’ve got a steel cartridge in an alloy frame and if there is the slightest inaccuracy in the frame it is eventually going to lead to a fault in the headtube.

    I’ll try the phone number.

    Member sell Pilo mech hangers for the Canyon, they are far superior to the ones that Canyon supply


    My oh has a canyon nerve xc 8.0w, it’s a great piece of kit and there communication during the sale was spot on, post sale not needed to contact them yet.


    [quoteSome people don’t care about the customer service, no matter how useless, if they can pick up (what they think is) a bargain.[/quote]

    Maybe, but if the customer service is poor sometimes it points to standards throughout the business. I really like canyon bikes but I’m still nervy about putting my hard earned cash into one 😕


    Mulletus, was looking at their TT bikes the other day. Which did you get and how do you like it?

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    i’ve had a grand canyon al29 since early last year, not has a problem with customer service – well no more thanany other bike company. Ok so there’s no shop to deal with face to face but other than that they are fine.

    Also not had any problems with the lower bearing of the headset which, like teh Nerve, also sits directly in the frame.


    Very popular here in Sweden, never heard anything bad about the bikes nor the customer service before (and I’ve heard/read quite a lot).

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    I got one spare hanger FOC with my 2011 Nerve AM HS and ordered 2 more. All brittle die-casts tho, got better CNC ones from BETD.

    See previous posts re mixed service experiences (as above, not sure if its any different elsewhere in the biz), pivot bearing problems etc. I got a new frame under warranty, so they made a good effort really.

    Headset is good; put in a Works offset and original Acros was perfect.

    A really good bike, & good value.

    They have just expanded the UK centre so that might help support, if you need it.


    A friend got a Canyon over two years ago. He’s as rough as heck with his bikes and he’s had no problems in all that time – hence my purchase of one.

    Got a Strive just before Christmas. I had to deal with UK customer service straight away due to a fault in the shock. Calling the number was a complete and utter waste of time – I think I probably called 30+ times and never once spoke to anyone. Emailing got me somewhere and once they contacted Mojo it was done and dealt with in a day – shock replaced with upgraded unit and Mojo said the fault was with Fox not Canyon. So it could have been better but I was probably being over zealous due to the bike being spanking new and just wanting to be out on it.

    It’s not all a negativestory though. I LOVE the bike and despite the issue I had I’d still recommend a Canyon. The new service centre will hopefully make a difference.

    It’s worth mentioning that I’ve had bigger service issues with brands bought through lbs – it’s amazing that people seem to think going through known brands and through a shop mean everything will go smoothly – Commencal pissed me about for months before they eventually “found” a replacement frame for a cracked meta all the while my lbs were powerless to do a thing but look apologetic.


    Got a Nerve AM6 last year. Never had to use customer services but have no problem with the bike.

    This is all fantastic news, thanks everyone for the positive input, now the big question for me is Canyon Nerve AL+ 9.0 for 2,600 or the Norco Sight SE2 for 2,500. Norco is through Evans which isn’t a positive as in my experience they are the Argos of bike shops. Thanks Toyrobot for the flipside view of the powerless LBS.

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    Got the AL+ 7.0 and love it!!

    Mulletus, was looking at their TT bikes the other day. Which did you get and how do you like it?

    I managed to get the last 2012 Speedmax CF in small. Really like the bike but I haven’t had a chance to ride it yet because of the shitty weather. Looks fast though. First test run is this weekend.
    I’ve entered a 2up TT in two weeks time so a new bike and a new partner all at the same time. Should be interesting. 😐
    Gratuitous photo opportunity.


    Thanks MM, does indeed look speedy!


    ive ordered a strive al 7 and its on its way to me right now (currently in tamworth)i know becase they email a ups link to you
    must say so far customer service has been v good the number stated above is the number to reach the uk guys on and they are very helpfull usually got the phone answered stright away
    the only miss hap during the order process is with payment – make sure you call your bank before paying to tell them to accept the payment to canyon as my bank initially refused it for security reasons
    took a bit of toing and frowing between canyon and bank but sorted out
    ive been promised the warranty on frame is 6 yrs and componants 2 yrs and that i can try the bike for size round a carpark etc and change size if need at no further cost to me – sounds pretty good so far
    ill keep you updated and hope my bike is as good as i hope it will be

    I have an Ultimate CF roadie

    I love it but have had poor after sales

    Would I buy another??
    Probably not as the exchange rate isnt as good as it was although on balance I love the bike and the price was good


    I have a 2012 Nerve XC and it’s a brilliant bike. Arrived a bit quicker than claimed and was simple to put together.

    I had a couple of things that went wrong with components, Canyon paid my bill to my LBS £15 to repair one fault and my faulty SLX shifter was replaced under warranty (took a while but that was down to Shimano).

    I’ve almost always gotten through to someone on Canyons UK number and had help and advise when contacting them. Their online fit finder thing was rubbish for me, kept telling me I needed a large even with me being 6’4″ but a quick call put my mind at rest.

    Would recommend the brand and bike to anyone, price has gone up a fair chunk since I got mine down to the exchange rate change.

    That is one of the nicest road bikes I’ve ever seen! Very modern


    I’ve XC7 for over a year now and love it , just bought my wife a Yellowstone 5W and along with great communication and quick delivery cannot fault them ..


    I’ve had an am 6 for just over a year now. Had a few problems which I’ve raised on the forum here. Initially creaking due to cracks in head tube. Frame was replaced although they challenged the evidence of the cracks. When they sent the bike back they’d broken the rear mech, which they replaced (eventually). Then creaking started up again and they refused to offer replacement. Eventually I found the cause – a loose mech hanger! 😳

    Anyway, Germany customer service is very good. English one is awful. They don’t answer the phone, don’t reply to emails and generally suck.


    been interesting reading this as i am a click away from ordering one. my only query is what sizes have people gone for against their height?
    the website size thing says go for small. but having compared the geometry to my current (admittedly hardtail) specialized it would definitely indicate a medium frame based on horizontal top tube length+ stem on both bikes the 17″ specialized is a centimetre different to the medium 18.5″ Nerve AL+ 8..

    so kind of confused as annoyingly can’t sit on one! any thoughts appreciated and heights against frame ordered much appreciated too!

    I have a 2012 Nerve XC and it’s a brilliant bike. Arrived a bit quicker than claimed and was simple to put together.

    That’s my experience in a nutshell!

    I did ring the UK “help” desk before I paid, and got the impression that UK was a one man band out walking his dog.

    As regards sizing – I was lucky – someone local lent me one. It doesnt hurt to ask on here for anyone willing to lend / swap a demo.

    Overall – go for it. Only teensy weensy niggly thing is mech hangers are overly soft and I’d recommend ordering at least one spare when ordering the bike (they’re 1/2 price with a new order and free postage). Headsets, bearings etc are readily available.

    #edit – gerenalalp- what height are you? Long legs / arms?


    I have had a Nerve AM9 since Nov 2011, it has not gone wrong once, customer service was fine – they took the order and sent the bike when they said they would. I’ve not even had to touch the rear suspension bushes..(touch wood).

    In terms of sizing their on-line size app seems to recommend small to everyone! I’m 6’1″ with a 31″ inside leg and the large size fits me perfectly. I have about 2cm of the reverb below the collett proud of the seat tube.

    My friend has the AL+ and that’s bang tidy.

    Their only weak point is that the air shocks are valved for an “average” 13 stone rider. Once you get towards the lardy end of the scale (I’m 18 stone..ulp!) they just don’t work. I replaced the stock RP2 mine had with a VanRC and it is just perfect with a 700lb spring.




    cheers Chris. just entered height etc of someone 10cm taller than me and yep still recommending small.. ha!

    generalp -just to followup / clarify – I’m nearly always a medium on most frames I’ve had.

    Canyon also said sizing = med, so anyway I’d just pick your normal size unless you’ve gangly arms /legs.

    Worst case scenario is you can send a bike back “no questions asked” for a refund (but Ive not had to do this).

    I bought a Nerve XC 8 last year. The bike’s great, arrived on time in Switzerland, great service from Germany on the phone and by e-mail. I asked if they’d set up right-hand front brake and they phoned to apologise then explain (in English) how I could do it myself. (Easy) I thought I needed Large but the website said Medium and it’s perfect.


    I’d normally go for small, on the Patriot I had 16″ but the Specialized Rockhopper it’s a 17″ as it climbs etc. had just calculated it based upon the toptube length inc stem being very similar on the medium Canyon to my 17 specialized. As you say perhaps just order and worry about it when it arrives.
    thanks again


    Hi Guys thought id share my experience of dealing with Canyon Bikes in gemany
    There are some bad reviews of there service floating around so i thought it fair that i shared my very good experience as well. Just so you know im not affiliated with them in any way so just an honist review for people thinking of taking the plunge and ordering from them
    So i ordered a strive 7 al in med as it was showing in stock in raw/blue (nice colour but shows any marks on the frame)
    I discussed my size with the uk sales guys who always answered the phone and were friendly the online size thing had me on the cusp of med or large in the end i went medium (was in stock !)
    I was reasured that i could assemble the bike take it for a ride around in a carpark etc to see sizing and if it wasnt right they would come and collect it and send me the different size or refund me in full inc postage fees (sounded to good to be true)
    Well i got the bike after about 5 days built it and it did feel to short so i called the uk line explaned the situation and that they didnt have any larges coming for 5 weeks and i was due to go to wales riding in 2 so could i have a refund – yes you can was the reply and we’ll come and get it from you.
    It took around a week to get picked up and have the money back in my account they refunded as they said everthing i paid inc my postage costs on the initial order so getting that bike to me and trying it then returning cost me nothing
    I would defo buy from them again
    One thing to remember is to make sure befor you make your payment you call your bank to get them to allow the debit as mine stopped it first time untill i approved it, also they did something a bit weird with the refund they credited it to my account but i could not use it for a couple of days – strange but all worked out fine
    hope this helps people make a choice and i hope you have a good experience with them


    The bikes look good, but the customer service is not good, and probably puts a lot of people off, especially because you are buying from Germany over the internet.

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