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  • Canyon Ultimate CF SL owners (in the NW?)
  • nibby

    I’m in the same boat. I think I’ve almost decided on one for my next bike.

    I contacted Canyon Uk who told me to keep an eye out of facebook etc as they might be having some UK Demo days on various models.

    Would also be interested in any reviews etc. From what I’ve found on the web they all seem pretty good.

    I’ve also been toying with one of these (frame only). Unfortunately all sold out for this year so a wait if not in stock.

    Very tempted, can’t find many reviews on the CF but seems similar to the CF SLX, £1000 cheaper and only 150g heavier.


    I’ve got the 2012 model and I’m very happy with it. I’ve used it for club rides, racing and long audax style rides and it’s been faultless. Super stiff but also very comfortable.


    Got the SLX and Im really impressed with it. Have you seen the endurace? They look great and a bargain to boot. Canyon however were the worst company Ive ever dealt with.

    Im 5 10, it’s M and pretty stretched with the std stem. SL is a little shorter IIRC, but not much.

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    Considering one as my next road bike.

    Interested to hear what people think of them for fast leisure use – and how they compare to your previous bikes?

    Also if anyone in North West England owns a medium and fanices a ride out, that’d be marvellous.



    Have had one for a few months now. Compared to my previous bike (a ribble alloy/carbon monstrosity) it’s incredibly light, stiff and responsive. Just go and read any bike mag review of a good road bike and all the clichés they use are true.

    The main difference it’s made to me is that it’s so much more comfortable than my old bike. I’d be feeling pretty uncomfortable after about 100kms on the Ribble but am feeling much fresher by the end of long rides.

    EDIT: I’m on the SLX, if that makes any difference.

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    Thanks, I’m shorter than you Crell but have a longish body. I’d be surprised if a medium was too big for me.

    I saw the Endurace yeah. The extra tyre clearance would be nice, but I’d prefer Mavic Ksyrium wheels and I reckon 25mm tyres will make the SL comfy enough for me.

    The CF SL will be back in October apparently, and I’m happy to wait for the right bike.

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    Bump for the Friday skivers.

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    New bikes are up on site, delivery estimated mid-Sep to early Oct.

    Motherflippers have put £100 on the price though.

    Hmmm, grey or black?

    Frames not until March though, there goes my birthday present.

    Looking at the geometry the top tube drawing shows the ett length from headset to seat collar. A true ett horizontal would be more useful if anyone has a medium, or I’m reading it wrong.


    Had one for about a month now.

    Can only compare it with an old Ribble alloy winter trainer and a two year old steel framed Charge Juicer.

    It’s so much stiffer and more responsive than either. Looks good, handles and brakes better and is faster everywhere. I spec’d it with the VCLS 2 seatpost and it’s also more comfortable than either of the other two bikes (much more so than the Ribble).

    Still like the Juicer and will keep it as a winter bike but the Canyon is better in every way. It did cost twice as much but money well spent and provided it fits you I would recommend it to anyone.

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