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    The availability of the 2015 isn’t until week 44, you’ll be hard pushed to find someone whose riden it before then, best bet is to keep an eye open for magazine reviews.

    Read that the 2014s sized up quite small, lookign at the charts they’ve made the 2015s a bit bigger.

    Anyone ridden either/both? What height/size are you, and have you got on OK with it?


    There is a Spectral thread here somewhere. Everyone said their 2014’s came up fine and didnt know what the mags were talking about when I asked.

    Food for thought.


    Ive got a spectral 9.9 ex al and I’m 5ft 11 and i got a medium but i have quite broad shoulders so my reach is less but it seems spot on with there online tool and it rides like a demon

    Premier Icon keefmac

    i bought my earlier this year, used their sizing tool and this put me at a medium, adding 1cm to my inside leg would have put me at a large.
    i’m 6 ft 1 and it does fit me great, i don’t find it cramped or too small for me. you can give the UK guys a ring and discuss if your not sure.


    I’m just over 6’4″ but with relatively short legs. The online calc said to get an L, I tried a mate’s and it was too small, not ridiculous, but definitely a bit too small. I tried putting lots of measurements into the online calc, from gibbon to T Rex proportions, and the only thing that made any difference was inseam. I got an XL and it fits fine.

    Edit to add: I like the bike, but have had some niggles that are a pain to sort out. I’ve learned my lesson and will only buy from a physical shop, probably lbs, in future.


    Got a medium as per the online calculator it fits ok,

    if I would have believed all the write ups I could have ordered an xl
    I had to wait a few months for delivery and missed the best part of the summer but it did come on the week as promised.

    I’m 6ft 2 and have a large and it’s perfect. An XL would feel too stretched out. I did the size guide on the website then rang to check with them.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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