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  • chiefP

    Hi guys thought id share my review of the Canyon.

    Product Description: Canyon Nerve AM 9.0 SL

    Type: Bike

    Purchased from: Canyon


    Ride & Handling.

    Pretty much faultless, has to be up there with some of the best Bikes in the Market, combined with Anti Sqaut Kimatics and the amazing RP23 Shock the rear is pefectly controlled and pedal bob does not seem to exist making climbs smoother and the ride fantastic.

    Cornering is excellent with the 15mm front end and DT Swiss top wheelset it inspires confidence to push that bit more to get the most out of it.


    Fox 32 TALAS Forks with Kashima Coating (£838)

    The verdict on these are Fox have done a great job, they feel plush and offer 120-150mm of Travel, with them being air it takes a while to get it set up right but once you have it really is a neat fork and with a 15mm Axle its nice and Stiff on the front and steeres well.

    Fox Float RP23 BoostValve with Kashima Coating (£375)

    I would go as far to say that this is the best Shock fox have come out with, like the Forks its super smooth, it absorbes everything from the little bumps to some of the larger ones and offers very little pedal bob, in fact on the climbs i never even noticed any.

    DT Swiss Tricon Wheels (£900)

    Never heard about them before so did a bit of reading and they are DT’s high end XC wheel and also tough enough for big hits and WOW. They are already tubeless so dont require any rim strips just change from tubes to Tubeless which included the valve in no less than 10mins. They perform so well into Corners and are stiff and just makes you push more and more.

    Shimano XTR Crank (£329)/Shifters (£130 pair)/Front(£53)/Rear Mech (£135).

    Not much to say thats never been said before about these, Shimano’s top of the range and in 10 Speed i can certainly see the advantage of it. The Shifters as usual are super crisp and the rear Mech with a lock that stops it moving forward on technical bits is a neat idea.

    Rockshox Reverb Seatpost (£250).

    A piece of kit that if your going to buy anything for your bike this has to be it. Gone are the days of stopping and ajusting the seatpost, this is quick smooth and instant.

    Formula The One Brakes (£387 pair)

    Some people are not fans of the but the Formula brakes are up there with the likes of Shimano’s Saint brakes. They are really Powerful maybe a little too much for trail use but reach ajustment and the perfect leaver makes it a joy to use.

    Schwalbe Nobby Nic Rear 2.4 UST (£45)

    Never been a great fan of Schwalbe expect on my old XC Bike but theres something about it, i would have liked it if it was the 2.2 version as i think 2.4 is a bit overkill so the verdict is still out on this.

    Schwalbe Fat Albert 2.4 UST(£40)

    Again when i first got the Cube these tires went after one ride, but again like the Nobby’s wether its the combination of both thats working or its that they are Tubeless but they are performing better than i thought but again a 2.2 version would be enough in my opinion.

    Shimano XTR Trail Pedals (£99)

    Been eyeing these up for a while and as they were cheaper when buying the Bike i thought why not. And once again the dont fail to impress, the cage offers that little more stability and de-clipping and clipping in are what you would expect for XTR smooth.

    Iv included the prices in the review so you can see the value for money. At £3189 nothing comes close and weighing in at only 27.5lbs (minus pedals) for a AM Bike is truely amazing. The ride is great and to get a bike where you cant think of anything to change and im the worst person for changing kit is a bonus.

    Customer service is great, buying direct is not ideal but to be honest the bike out performs better than i thought and with a quick delivery you really cant fault them.

    Canyons smart internal Cable routing is neat and with protection on the Cable rub areas they really have listened to what riders want. It would have been nice if the Reverb cable was internal that you see on Trek and Scott for there 2012 bikes so maybe Canyon will follow

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Your garden is a mess.

    Seriously though, looks nice!


    Nice review. I’m seriously considering getting one of these, although probably just the 9.0.

    How tall are you & what size did you go for? Was it via the “Canyon sizing guide” & does the bike feel right?

    Done any steep technical stuff? How does the geometry feel? Likewise, how does it climb?

    Not particularly bike-specific, but if you were to go 1 x 10 with that XTR rear mech (the one with the “clutch”), would you need a chain guide?


    Im 5’8 and went by the sizing guide which wa sa Medium and fits fine.

    It climbs really well even with 2.4 tires on, it was a little draggy but i was running a pretty low pressure 28psi.

    Someone did say to get some anglesets the slacken it a little and make it corner better but with the stiffness on the front in corners great anyway. Not done anything mega technical yet but it feels fine on what iv ridden so far.

    Not sure if you would need a chain guide to go with it but may be wrong on that.

    nice little review, seriously top draw for the money! all the componets are pretty much a dream bike, though without ever riding a canyon its hard to say if the frame is upto the spec of the components, though at worse you could get a frame after and swap the bits and still be cheaper than buying it as a complete bike here in the uk….

    seriously would consider one if i was in the market for a new one!


    With all due respect you can hardly call this a review. Its your bike and you just spent your cash on it, you are hardly going to say its crap.


    Nice review. Ignore the chap above who suggests that reviews can only be unbiased if you don’t own the bike.

    Canyon have some nice and amazingly well specd bikes for 2012. I know looks are personal and to me that isn’t a pretty bike, sorry.



    I had already made plans if the Bike was crap it was to be replaced my the Remedy frame as swapping the kit is easy as it uses the same, if the kit was crap i would say its crap but as they say each to their own, its my personal review regardles if its my bike or not its main aim is to help people as when i last looked where is there a review on the net of this?. If people dont find it helpful fair enough you cant please everyone but for those who want to know how it rides then this might help in any decision they make. Honesty doesnt cost anything, lying about something to make it sound good doest wash with me.


    TBH i agree its not pretty, the top tube is wierd but then again i didnt buy it to say ‘oh look i have a pretty bike’ at the end of the day as long as it performs i dont care on looks.

    Premier Icon meandyuk

    I like the look of the frame but I do have a nerve xc 🙂 I think it will grow on you!


    Nice insight, just ordered my 8.0X. Hopefully I will be as pleased as you, when I get it.


    Bought a nerve am6 approx 6 wks ago. Only things i have changed is put a bash guard on and changed grips on bars. This bike bought new from canyon, it arrived boxed, i built it up in 10 mins and it was ready to go!! 10/10 so far! its used twice a week (each ride 15-30 miles) and has not missed a beat yet, really impressed so far. Does big drop offs with ease, rides steep uphill rocky/muddy climbs as easy as my hard tail with 150mm revelations and goes downhill way faster than i ever imagined!!

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