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  • Canyon Bikes – your experiences
  • Premier Icon smogmonster

    Im looking at buying a high end Canyon roadbike as they seem incredible value, but im conscious of the fact that they are mail order only. I know a few people on here have bought from them so what are your experiences of them? Quality? Delivery? Back-up? etc.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon

    I’ve ordered parts off them, quick delivery and parts have been fine so far (VCLS seatpost).

    Premier Icon Straightliner

    There is a UK office being set up right now, based in the west London area (Kingston) which will aid with marketing and support. It may not offer any ‘try for size’ options immediately, but it wil lhelp having a UK contact point.

    Bought a roadie from them in December. Turned up brilliantly packaged, all the OEM bits in a bag including spare pads and such, carbon seatpost paste etc etc.

    Quality is also excellent, thoughtful cable routing around the headtube with rubbery bumpers and plenty of tape in the right places.

    Backup, not sure, had no need to contact them!

    The Beard

    Got a Canyon ultimate road bike and love it. Canyon UK have been really good when I needed to get in touch with them too. So all positive here!

    Premier Icon FuzzyWuzzy

    Not got one but considering one – from everything I’ve read they generally get things right first time (and if you order the wrong size it’s easy enough to get it replaced, although not sure if you go to the back of the waiting list again if it’s a high-demand model), the current Canyon UK support seems to leave a lot to be desired though (one-man-band, difficult to get hold of, slow to respond to emails and Canyon Germany normally insist you deal with the UK arm). If, as posted above, they’re improving this then it should sort out the main lingering issue.


    ive had my nerve a year now and and the only thing that i moan about is that i had to order a new mech hanger (after snapping it) and had to pay a lot for postage. But lots of places are selling them over here now.

    the lower head set bearings are startting to feel rough, but thats prob says more about me not looking after it.

    was really easy to order, i wanted to change the pedals i ordered with the bike was done fast and still got the bike in a week from ordering.

    Great bike, warranty service was poor though.

    Canyon carbon road frame cracked near the bb after 3 months, and they agreed to replace under warranty, but insisted that as my existing forks were fine they wouldn’t replace them at the same time.

    Problem was the replacement frame was a different colour!

    Ordered a Speedmax CF TT bike last friday and was delivered to my mother’s house this morning. Communication throughout the ordering process has been spot on. I had problems with my bank refusing to accept the payment on my credit card but Canyon were quick to help me sort it so the order could go through. UK office was always quick and helpful when I spoke too or emailed them.

    Can’t comment on the quality as I’m not picking it up until tonight. Photos will be up in due course.

    Premier Icon smogmonster

    Cheers all, lets see you roadbike piccies then. Im after either the Aeroad CF 9.0 or Ultimate CF SLX.


    I bought a basic Roadlite off them which has been great and it turned up with no problems and very well packaged (although you do pay c.£50 for the privilege).

    Only problem i had was a bent mech hanger (after i simply knocked the bike over onto carpet) but when i emailed them direct to check which one i needed to order they never responded.

    When they recently opened the uk office i tried again and got a response within a few hours.

    My advice to you would be get a spare hanger when you order your bike (it’s cheaper then as well) as my new one will cost £10 in postage which is very annoying as the hanger is only £15 ish and the postage shouldn’t be more than £3-£4.

    Are you buying 2012 or 2013? Some good deals to be had on last years models if you’re the right size.

    Ultimate CF here

    Great bike, great price

    Problem was when shifter broke it had to go back to Germany and was replaced after a modest wait which in August was maddening not having a road bike

    Also had to strip it down myself and then refit new unit
    Not a problem but I did have to buy new bar tape and shifter cable which was an irritation

    Canyon will refund £20 for your LBS to strip and fit, but not a penny for tape/cables etc
    (the cable was jammed inside the jammed shifter)

    LBS wanted £40 plus parts so I didnt bother

    Still annoyed that Canyon wouldnt pay for tape and cable even now
    If my car had a warranty job would you expect to pay for it to be stripped down for the replacement to be fitted and then pay for whichever parts and bits of trim had to be replaced due to this?

    So a good bike but not sure Id buy again


    I’ve had a road bike and a mtb very happy with both, but when they say week 23 they mean week 23 a long wait!!! if you cant wait dont order! but if you can I go off the fact that if I dont like it I can change the frame and it will still be cheaper than buying the original bike with the group set and wheels etc.

    1 MTB, 1 road bike. Drooled over the MTB for ages and it was a good day when my Nerve turned up on my doorstep. Missus owns one of the road bikes. Make a point to order a spare hanger.

    MTB arrived with broken hanger. They sent me a replacement within a week and paid for LBS to do some fettling up to the value of £15 for a rear derailleur adjustment. Cullen was pretty good to deal with. Prompt responses to e-mail and messages on the phone.

    Damned fine bikes. If they did a dirt jump bike then I would probably be drooling over it as we speak.


    1 hardtail and 1 full suss here.

    no problems with bikes at all. love them, defo buy again in the future.

    i thought the ordering process was sound also. i was kept up to date with the bikes progress right up to delivery.

    happy as larry ( and he is well happy :lol:)


    Got a Canyon Nerve AM last year. Prompt delivery, ( about 10 days). Had no problems. Really good bike. I would recommend one.

    Premier Icon luffy105

    Love my al+. Can’t really say anything bad about them.

    Premier Icon dharmstrong

    Canyon Ultimate AL roadbike here, great service, great bike. Would buy from them again.


    I had a bad time with them, ordered a ladies spec bike at about £1600, really nice spec (xt) for the money but ordered in the anodised finish which was a disaster. The first frame was awfull, lots of scratches where it had been dressed with flap wheel and looked like it had been dragged over the ground. Returned it with no problem and another sent, this was a bit better but not much. Returned again.

    Tried ordering the next level as it was painted (X0 spec) and should have been ok, by the time the UK staff had phaffed around they were out of stock.

    Bought a specialized sapphire pro in the end!

    So my advice, avoid raw finishes and do not expect miracles from the uk office, apart from that they are really good value and nice bikes.

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