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  • Canyon Bikes, disappointing customer service.
  • cultsdave
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    Bought a Canyon Ultimate 8.0 and very pleased with how everything went. Easy to deal with arrived when they said it would so nothing to complain about…
    I hadn’t realised that my current Garmin mount would not fit the new bike due to the oval shaped bars the bike comes with. No problem though as Canyon sell mounts to suit. £31.95 plus £6.99 postage or £26.95 when bought with a bike. Given that the day my bike arrived is the day I asked Canyon about buying the mount I assumed they would give it to me for the £26.95 plus £6.99 postage as that seems to me to be the nice logical thing to do, given I had just spent nearly £3k on a bike! But no, they guy on the chat button on the canyon page just point blank refused. Said that is only for when you buy a bike. Said its because they would just stick it in with the bike. I pointed out I would still be paying the £6.99 postage but it didn’t seem to matter.
    My last MTB was bought direct online from Bird and I was assuming Canyon would have been as good as they were!

    I know its only an extra £5 but seems very mean spirited of Canyon! So my advice is if you do buy a Canyon be sure to buy the extras at the same time.

    At the end of the day though I have a bike I like at a good price so can’t complain too much!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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