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    Looking at either snapfish or photobox for one of these as a Christmas present. Anyone had any issues with either of the above?


    have never liked prints from snapfish personally – and there are big threads on flickr complaining about the quality of their prints now flickr have partnered with them.

    photobox good, but come out a bit dark for my taste, despite having a properly calibrated monitor and sending sRGB files to them

    you might want to take a look at DS Colour labs in Manchester ( – they do nice normal prints and are pretty competative on canvases (cheaper than photobox) – have never used them for these but expect them to be ok and have heared good things re their canvases.

    Personally I like Loxely Colour – pricey, but worth it, but you do need a trade account with them as they dont sell to the general public

    Member have done us proud a few times now if you want an alternative.


    I use Photobox for normal prints and they normally come out really well.

    The only place I have used for a canvas print was The Digital Room and it was pretty good.


    Used The Digital Room and was well impressed. But their 35% off xmas sale finished on Sunday…:-(

    just got photoboxs daily spam in my inbox, 30% off everything, today and tomorrow.

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    I have a couple of canvas prints from Photobox which I had printed when they were doing a two for one offer. They came out really well.

    I would agree with the post above about some of their prints coming out quite dark. No issues with the prints that I chose to be placed on canvas though.

    The only slightly annoying thing (well Mrs B finds it annoying) is that the print only goes to the edge of the front of the canvas and does not wrap around (if that makes sense). Consequently you have white edges on the top, bottom and sides of the canvas; fine if you are looking at the print straight on but if you are slightly off to one side or looking from above / below you can see the white sides.

    Just a minor thing.


    doc_blues – interesting info. Photobox just sent me a calibration print so I could check their print against my screen as I didn't want to order without and they dont claim to work to any standard colour systems.

    Have used Photobox for canvas prints before – as others have said, came up slightly dark, but other than that was very happy. Turn-around can be slow when they are busy, so I'd check before ordering to see if it'll turn up before Xmas.

    As per this thread:
    I cannot recommend the company I used highly enough. I've given the details to a couple of friends who also decided to use them and we've all been delighted with the service and results.


    I use I've had one canvas print and one perspex print off them, both are excellent.

    Jessops do a 30" * 20" print for 65 quid, though when i paid i got some money off so worked out at about 50 quid. Quality seems fine though i've not put it side-to-side with any other canvas prints.


    Cheers for the advice guys, found a local place that did it for a similar price to the internet big boys (after you consider postage charges) but i actually spoke to a real human (who very kindly sorted out all of the borders on Ps so there were no white edges and all of the picture was still showing) and picked it up that afternoon.

    Fingers crossed she likes it!


    I have used these before and they are very good (but in the US)

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