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  • stufive

    As above realy, when im out wether it be on a MTB or Road bike, my eyes water quite alot, sometimes on desents to the point where i have to slow down to wipe em! Does anyone else get this? I do wear glasses to try and prevent it but it dosent realy help?


    Close-fitting wraparound glasses definitely help. You should wear eye protection anyway because the consequences of a stone or a small branch hitting your eye are painful.

    If you need glasses for vision, go to TK Max and buy some wraparound sunglasses, pop the lenses out and get them glazed up with the cheapest plastic lenses to your prescription. Places like Decathlon also do good cheap sports eyewear.

    These cost me £9.99 plus £50 for the lenses:


    Just relax. Might stop you crying.


    Yes I know what you mean but mine don’t water as bad as yours by the sounds of it.
    I mentioned this to my optician and he said it was all to do with the eye being dry and this was its way of protecting the eye. He suggested wiping the eye lid from top to bottom to encourage the natural moisture between the lid and eyeball to form or buy eye drops.

    No doubt this will get ripped to bits by other STW members but it is the info given to me.
    Hope this helps. 🙂


    Try the glasses option first, if it’s still a problem then it may be worth being referred to a specialist by your GP. You could have a problem with your tear ducts (the eye’s drain pipe)


    I do wear glasses ive got two pairs of tiffosi cycling glasses but the slightest but of draught seems to make em water, maybe its just because i ride so hard and darnt blink 😯


    Wear goggles, especially on the road bike.

    I have the same thing, it’s a pain but other than a tampon under each eye I don’t see a solution. It’s worse in the cold and is closely followed by a runny nose as the tears find their way out. I wipe my eyes at the end of a run or on a boring bit.

    Goggles helped a bit but they’re a bit sweaty/rubby I find and don’t look great without a fullface. Then again crying with a snotty face aren’t a good look either…. 😳

    Maybe I’ll revisit the goggs & lid look.

    Premier Icon crewlie

    I get this, other than wearing goggles, which is a pain, I’ve found that blinking furiously clears things up fairly quickly. Seems to work for me most of the time, but then I’m probably not going that quickly compared to some.

    Premier Icon simonhuscroft

    As above. I get the same thing but i find its down to over concentrating and not blinking. Once I blink a few times its fine.

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