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  • Premier Icon molgrips

    1) I know someone who spent £20k on one. That’s a lot of decent holidays!

    I know someone who spend £45k on a car. So what?

    2) I once saw a Discovery 3 at the side of the road on its roof. Given it was on a fairly straight bit of road, the only conclusion to be drawn was that the caravan it was towing had got a weave on until it flipped and took the Disco with it.

    User error. I once saw a car crashed into a house – stuff driving. Oh wait…

    every so often someone at a race lets you into theirs for a moment and standing in a car park in the rain in your pants loses its zest.

    Yeah that’s one of the things that prompted me – cold wet rainy mountain mayhem, looking across at the warm well-lit convivial caravan-full of warm wine-drinking happy people… Second time out for ours was a wet Sleepless; the feeling of coming in at 2am for a few hours’ double-lap rest, having a warm shower and slipping into crisp clean sheets was fabulous 🙂

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    One of the best things we have ever done.
    The kids (12 &15) are planning this years travels.
    £300 a year storage under cover.
    i enjoy towing, except when slow peopel hold me up or slow people won’r over take.
    I’ve had many smiles and waves from other drivers because i’ve made it easy for them to pass.
    we have a 2l Mondeo tdci normaly does 50mpg, drop to around 40-43mpg depending on the type of road.
    Reversing, theres some good caravan club vids on youtube, the real trick is to either look behind or use your mirrors. don’t mix both.
    Oh and get someone to guide you back who can reverse a caravan.
    motor movers are great, but we use child labour.
    i wouldn’t spend a huge amount of cash first time. £5k will get you a good van that won’t drop in value much over 12months. If you love you get bling it up.
    Mate has just spent £35k on a motor home, thats a nice caravan, a nice car to tow it and £15 to spend on……..bikes

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Mondeo tdci normaly does 50mpg, drop to around 40-43mpg

    That’s very good – what van?

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    sterling Europa 520 IIRC.
    worst we’ve had is 37mpg on a stop start fest on the A55.


    The modern static variety by a beach are nice


    Good tip about towing is to either go late at night or v early in the morning when there is less traffic, much less hassle , just make sure your pitch is open to you turning up after hours
    Ours is a bailey senator ( Oklahoma) with fixed bed and bathroom. Loads of space in them but a bit long for towing

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Speshpaul.. Best we had with our bailey 1250kg job was about 35 in the 2.0 TDI Passat. Your Ford must be overestimating if you are looking at the computer…? Ford are notorious for that.


    I was getting 18mpg back from Devon in my pathfinder!!
    One reason it ended up going, Freelander better- 30ish
    Mondeo yet to tow as no tow bar yet but I expect more


    Looking to buy a caravan for a family holiday over to France in the summer, wondering about typical costs of ferries in the kids summer holidays and any tip on companies to use, more than likely going Dover Calais as I’m guessing the Portsmouth crossings would be big money

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Ferries are expensive with a van. £300 ish, but there are occasionally great deals with things like HGV specialist ferry companies.

    The longer crossings are more expensive but if you are going to Brittany and/or are starting from somewhere in the West of the UK they can save a load of time; and given the savings on both fuel and tolls you might break even.

    DO NOT do a long crossing at Easter though 😕

    You seen these ?

    Not a fan of caravans, but there’s something about these that quite appeal


    If after Jan ’97 you’ll have to pass a towing test.

    is this actually right?

    tow a trailer over 750kg MAM as long as it is no more than the unladen weight of the towing vehicle (with a combined weight of up to 3,500kg in total


    3.5 t is a lot.

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