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  • gringojimi

    A riding buddy has one, it’s roughly 28lbs with a few mods and changes.

    It seems to defy gravity as although a little lardy, it climbs very well.
    To quote him after our recent Wales trip to CyB “it just smashed the downs!”

    Not much to go on, but he loves it. And that Lefty Max is a seriously stiff bit of kit.

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Anyone got one? Looking for a fs 29er for Mrs @ approx £1500. Wondering about weight and ride feel with 130mm travel.


    Where do you think you’d find one – never seem to see these coming up in uk. I’ve always sworn by Lefty’s and now on the hunt for a 29er scalpel – reckon the trigger is a bit much AM for my 29er preference. Have you considered the scalpel? These seem bit more common here coming up used.

    £1500 new doesn’t get you a lefty – always seems wrong to me to see a cannondale without one!

    Personally I’m wondering about finally getting round to bringing one over from the states – plenty to choose from for both triggers and scalpels there.

    Does sound like a real beast though – lovely.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Looks a v nice bike, but you’d need to be convinced about the rear travel choices being right for you. 70 mm ( or is it 85?) seems a bit niche, I’d sooner be riding a scalpel as said.

    I have a Jekyll and the dual suspension does work v well -it’s reliable and adds a lot.


    Trigger has on the fly rear adjustment. So you can switch from 130mm to 80mm for the climbs 8)

    Premier Icon boxelder

    Reduced at Paul’s cycles, with xt/x7 and RS Revs.
    80/130 travel at rear.


    Have a Trigger 1 and Scalpel 3.

    The Trigger is slightly faster over the ground then the Spicy it replaced however suffers a little from understeer on the Crest Rims. Currently rebuilding these onto Flows

    Climbs well but you do notice the extra weight.

    The 130/80 shock switching is great but the Cannondale Shock pump is crap. I bought a Scott 600psi zero air loss pump.

    Trigger frame is super stiff compared to the Scalpel

    Lefty Max is a little sensitive to adjustment. I tweaked it a little between runs at Afan and it made a big difference (maybe it just got better as it bedded in?). However front lacks confidence which I attribute to the Crest rims (I’m 16.5stone plus).

    Very balanced in the air.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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