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    Old Bike in Working Reasonably Well Shocker!!! 😛


    Lookin Good, expect it still handles pretty good, shorter stem and decent set of wider riser would help no end!


    I’ve been spannering a mate’s Super-V as it needed some TLC and he can’t afford to upgrade to a newer full susser right now. He’s the second owner – the first one lavished a lot of care and attention on the bike, swapping V-brakes for Hope XC Pro discs and a lot of the drivetrain for XT and XTR parts. My mate’s looked after it but a lot was wearing out and needed replacement.

    The Headshok Fatty fork was in a state internally, needing bearings, bearing strips, lots of new seals and a new boot, so the decision was made to get a newer 100mm conventional fork and a set of 1.125″ adapters. The Recon Race Solo Air is around the same spec as the Fatty SL that came out.

    The bike needed a lot of parts but a mate found some 5 hole chainrings in his spares box and the stem, headset, tyres and jockey wheels came from mine. The remaining bits were ordered up from CRC in their sale, then it was just a case of stripping everything, dismantling, cleaning, degreasing, lubing and rebuilding.

    I just took it for a ride and, apart from being a little heavy, it’s a damn good bike. It tracks very well, soaks up the rough stuff without drama, doesn’t bob too much under pedalling and stops reasonably quickly. It could really do with better brakes and some decent bars.

    I post it here purely to make the older riders ere go a bit dewy eyed.

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure he wants it back, now, as he’s had a month riding my Carbon 456.


    Im still riding an old V (05 parts build) though with RP3/Raven swingarm (6″ travel) and still love it, 😮

    009 by coastkid71, on Flickr

    Your fox alps shock cant be serviced now unless you can find a seal kit for it, why i swapped it out 6 years ago…
    It still brings a smile to some folk who remember them “back in the day”,
    puzzled looks from youngsters,
    and smirks by some… but its not what you own but how you ride it 😉
    Im riding mine till it snaps but it`s taken years 😀
    got a yellow 900 hanging up too, also had the hardtail Killer Vs..
    still enjoy the odd razz around GT or Inner`s or local trails on the old beast…
    shorter stem and risers will improve the ride, enjoy 😮



    I wanted one of those soooo bad when I first started riding, but too young at the time to contemplate actually ever getting one!

    Does that mean I’m now old? 😐


    There are some crazy experimental camer angles in that vid! Nice!


    before the pics I read the OP and fully expected to see my mates Red Super V, as he did the same thing with the brakes but stuck on a pair of yellow Z1s to replace the fatty. He was a big lad and his Tioga Factory Dh’s used to sound like an HGV on the road back down to the windermere ferry.


    I’ve got a photo of a fella jumping thatdrop at the les gets bike park somewhere on one of those

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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