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  • Cannondale Scalpel help – Chain rubs on chainstay!
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    I ride a 2011 Scalpel with XX rear mech and 36 front ring an a 1×10.
    When in the 11t on the cassette, the chain is a few mm above the chain-stay. The gap increases when you sit on the bike due to the flexy stays.

    I don’t run a clutch mech so occasionally I get a little chain rub on the say – a neoprene stay cover prevented this from causing damage.

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    It wont rub when your weight is compressing the rear end of the bike.


    Fair enough, I thought I must be missing something obvious!

    Next problem is trying to get the chain line/ crank spacing correct. With the Rotor cranks fitted as per the instructions (with rgards to the spacers used) the 32T front ring is only a mm or so from the metal chainsuck plate and the chainguide rubs the inside of the chain. I have had to swap the Rotor spacers around so the DS has the thicker spacer to set the DS crank further out and away from the frame. Hmm….


    Hi all,

    I have just go hold of a Cannnondale Scalpel frame and am in the process of building it up.

    A few things are giving me headaches, the biggest of which is that the chain rubbing the top of the chainstay when in the smallest cog. Surely this can’t be right?

    I can only think a bigger front ring might help raise the chain a little but it would be daft if a 34T ring is the smallest that can be run- what about the Hollowgram doubles with smaller rings, how does the chain not rub the chainstay then?

    I am sure there is a simple solution I am missing! Can anyone help please?

    Thank in advance, DanW 😀

    P.S. Extra info:
    32T single front ring
    Rotor 3D (triple cranks running the single ring in the middle ring position)
    Cannondale bearings
    Wheelsmfg BB30 to 24mm adapters
    Xt/ XTR 11-36 10 speed cassette

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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