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  • Cannondale jekyll4?
  • Right, I’ve found a good deal on one of these.
    Has anyone had one, ridden one etc. whats your opions and how reliable are they.. Before I click on the buy button in a drunken stupor. 😀

    Come on.
    Someone in the stw massive must have had one, or at least seen one in the flesh.
    Any help appreciated. Cheers.


    I’ve sold two carbon ones,recently, very nice. I’d have one as soon as my RZ needs replacing. Just watch out on size, they are quite a small bike. My RZ is a medium but i think I’d go for a Large jekyll. I’m 6 fot and like a small bike to throw around, if that’s any help.

    Premier Icon singletrackjay

    We’ve got a Jekyll 3 for test at STW Towers. See Fresh Goods Friday 103, on the main site for the intro.

    Great in the flesh, as you ask. It’s pencilled in for Issue 73, if that helps (but appreciate a bit late, if you’re pressing the button on buying it now)

    cheers peeps. Rv, you answered my next question before I got to it. Only thing that worries me is blowing up that shock… And having to send it back to germany.

    I’m gutted I can’t stretch to the carbon one. Looks super pimp.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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