Cannondale Jekyll 4 tubeless question

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  • Cannondale Jekyll 4 tubeless question
  • mildred

    Last Sept I bough the Pauls cycles Jekyll 4. The website bumf & reviews mention it came with all kit to go tubeless. I e just this weekend decided to give it a go – it came with a set of tubeless valves but nothing else. I guessed that the rim strips already fitted must be tubeless compatible.

    Anyway, took tyre off, innertube out, stuck tubeless valves in, scoop of stans, and put tyre back on. Started pumping & I could hear the tyre popping into the bead, but it’s pissing air through the valve hole.

    I didn’t get any instructions with the bike so does anyone know what I’m missing? I’ve had ‘normal’ ust for years, but never this type of setup.

    They’re wtb i23 rims with presta size valve holes so there’s no room for one of those little valve collars.


    Can you see spoke holes? As is is there proper tape sealing the rim rather than normal rim tape.
    If there is then tighten up the valve with the lock ring a bit more.


    I can’t see the spoke holes through the fairly substantial plastic yellow rim tape. It seems specifically fitted to the contour of the rim too, which also made me thing it was the correct type. That said, when fitting the tubeless valve I saw that the hole through the strip was made by someone cutting an X shaped hole & just pushing the valve through.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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