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  • a mate is really into retro rides.
    It got me looking and add a result I now have a gt sts ams some new old forks waiting for it. Get over onto retrobike for some aging bike pron

    Premier Icon ruggerbugger

    After a post-ride pub discussion about older bikes & past racing days. I’m now prowling t”net for the above in an XL. 😀 Anyone ever owned one? What was the lefty like? Anyone have one taking up space they want to shift? F&F ? What ‘old’ bikes do you dream about riding/owning? Hopefully this discussion will see me through tonight’s night shift!!!!! 😉


    All leftys are ace im on my 2nd since 2004.
    Id love to get cad4 f1000 but the old pace rc200 team edition is the retro bike of dreams for me.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I’ve done the RC200 thing twice now, both were minters, sadly sold but to great homes.

    An explosif pro (the one with the metallic black paint) seems to ellude me; it’s like the bike never existed.

    Also quite fancy a ’94 stumpy in forest green.

    On the Cannondale front, had a grey M500 with RC35s, ringle, middleburn, renthal etc; stupid light even by current standards.

    However I’d not go down the ‘minter’ route again as I personally was petrified of scratching them, which isn’t really how it should be.

    i had an F800 (the matt black one) with lefty.

    sold in a moment of stupidity (which i have always regretted).

    the lefty was bloody fab (and if i had a pound for every time someone commented that my bike only had one fork leg,i could have bought another one).

    wish i could get it back again (my bike as it was before i sold it 🙁


    Lefty’s are ace. FACT

    Premier Icon darrell

    had a 2005 (i think) – f1000

    was great

    currently got a 2012 flash – even better


    – tried one way way bitd – didn’t want to give it back.


    I touched one once. Awesome piece of retro.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    I ride a green 2005 F800 as my second bike. It’s a medium so won’t fit. The Lefty needs a full service every 2 years but other than that it’s had bearing annually to keep it sweet. Dual control requires some thought after switching from normal Shimano gears.

    Premier Icon Garry_Lager

    Had an F900 sx lefty from 2000 – good, but those were early days for the leftys, you wouldn’t want to ride a lefty of that vintage now IMO. Cracked the bike and got a CAAD5 replacement – now that was a frame! Would ride one today absolutely no bother, exceptional design.
    Had several leftys over the years – an old dlr2 from around mid 2000s would be fine if it was in good order. They’re very durable if you look after them.

    Premier Icon oxym0r0n

    Interesting that bow ti ^ has tubeless tyres


    Hardtails: slack, steel, (29?!), compliant, springy, ho hum..

    Nothing recently has usurped an erstwhile Lefty equipped CAAD4-MTN disc. In White no less.

    Maybe it’s just nostalgia though.

    A good long EC70 with Ti railed flite alike was vital to make it a keeper though!

    But I did think vert pro basics were mutts nuts as well.


    There’s one of these up for grabs in the classifieds.

    Great bike. I had, then broke the frame, an F800 in matt black. Best bike I’ve ever ridden, hands down. Miss it.

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