Cannock sights – cowboy boots, bikini and bird of prey??

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  • Cannock sights – cowboy boots, bikini and bird of prey??
  • Mrs Toast

    I saw a completely naked (apart from walking boots) bloke over Sherbrook Valley. I think that’s trumped by a bikini and a bird of prey though….

    It’s rabbit hunting.

    Once the rabbit is spotted the woman jiggles about in her bikini thus confusing the rabbit and giving the same effect as car headlights at night.

    Whilst Mr Bunny is distracted the bird of prey (usually this will be a rare Fluffybunny Hawk – not to be confused with the more common Shyte Hawk) swoops down and deliver the deathblow with a quick headbut.


    had my wee fella hanging out in front of me


    Premier Icon kimbers

    raptor porn

    don simon

    Was it hora?


    Sounds like a ‘readers wives’ photo shoot from the 80’s to me!

    I’m not sure this thread warrants the comment, “this thread is useless without pictures” comment though – given the pale middle aged part of it all 🙂


    can’t do much biking at the moment, so took our 8 week old boy out for a walk around Cannock Chase yesterday around 4 until 6.30.

    Sussing out some newish trails over the rifle range / cemetery side when i see this bony pale guy and a pale middle aged woman walking out of the rifle range car park. She was wearing a black bikini and knee length cowboy boots – not your typical attire for a stroll off road. He had a big eff off bird of prey on his left arm.
    She looked pretty embarrased when she seen me walking up the hill and tried to cover her self up a bit with a coat or jumper.
    Before anyone suggests it – no i wasn’t dogging, i had my wee fella hanging out in front of me (he is only 8 weeks old after all)


    Perhaps in replying to her personal ad, the guy thought she meant she was wanted to take a big male bird over the woods? 😉


    Worst blind-date ever


    A Shyte Hawk, yesterday…

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    a bird of prey

    some sort of nun porn thing?


    We’ve ridden straight into a proper pr0no shoot on KW.

    Pics or it never happened…

    *eye bleach on standby, just in case.


    Can confirm what scruff said, proper home movie, cameraman and two ‘students’ making some cash…. proper funny


    What was the story line? FC Ranger catches cheeky trail builder and wants something in return to not bashing the trail with Killdozer? 😀


    No just sexy time in the woods. He wasnt any older than 18, she was 30’s I guess, maybe she was 18 aswell and had a very hard life cuz she was a bit rough around the edges. Photoman was 50s, proper dirty old man.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Is there a prize for the first person to find their pictures online?

    *googles for kestrel porn*

    Few odd people out in Yorkshire last night too.

    Usualy I’ve got that loop to myself, last night there was someone stood on top of the old mine spoil tip, occasionlay waving a coat/blanket over his head. I thought he might be in trouble, but how do you get in trouble on top of a hill logic says he can’t have fallen or brken any bones so I ignored him ?

    Then on the coast pathbetween Skinningrove and Saltburn came accross a couple who looked rather flustered when I cam round the corner!

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