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  • sobriety

    Better in almost every respect.

    But still not as good as the Dark Peak.

    Premier Icon benji

    Better, sherwood pines is ok, but for me personally it’s not as good. Don’t forget there is more to cannock than just the trail centre.


    Cannock without a doubt. The Pines is pretty poo in my opinion…it’s just flat. How that was every graded as a red I’ll never know.

    My other half is pretty new to cycling and really enjoyed Glentress but found the Pines pretty dull. I feel bad bagging it because work and money have gone into it, but it’s flat with no real fun bits. Even the bike park is a bit weak.

    Cannock is by no means the be all and end all but at least it has a few climbs / descents / fun bits with tougher options if you want them.

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    I’d travel to ride at Cannock, but I wouldn’t make a special effort to go to Sherwood Pines.

    Don’t get me wrong – Sherwood Pines is a nice place to ride, and is great for families, but there’s very little elevation change so not much to challenge you.

    To get the best from both places you need to get away from the marked trails. If you see a gap in the trees just follow it, go and get lost a bit – it may take you somewhere great!

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    Cannock! Pines is the closest place to ride near me, but yeah, it’s pretty flat. We usually head out to the peaks instead.

    Its different, its pretty flat so there’s no big climbs/descents. It has some good bits but doesn’t quite have the same thrill about it that Cannock does (the last section of the monkey i love!).

    Fairly short so worth doing 2-3 laps, takes me about an hour to do a lap, although i think XC racers can do it in about 30mins.

    The downhill section is ok if you want a break from the route. The only bit i dont like about it is the ground falls away to either side of the singletrack. It doesn’t really inspire confidence. I had a tumble there when i landed to the side of it and the frotn just washed out, have a nice scar on my knee from it 😳

    Go there! Its always nice to go somewhere new imo.

    Edit: If you do go, ride it fast. It will be very dull just plodding along!


    Cannock is great.go ride the donkey,there’s nothing else to see there…

    Much better than the Peaks, go to Sherwood instead.


    Whichever you go to dont forget to not pay for parking, skid all the corners out and drop all your litter. Then slag it off on the internet and say the Alps is better. If you’ve got a dog then fill a bag of sh1t and leave it somewhere visible, like in the middle of a waymarked family walk footpath and drive like a **** on the way there & home.

    Cheers, A. Local.

    I’ve been to cannock chase but what’s it like compared to Sherwood Pines?

    I like Thetford Forest. 🙂


    Just stopped off for a pint on my way home to Nottingham from Cannock.

    There is no comparison, Cannock is a different league. Absolutely stunning ride today, never seen it so green. Overgrown in places so it felt almost new, going into sections pretty much blind. Loved it.

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