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  • dave_h
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    Never been before … probably going to head down in a couple of weeks to do the Dog/Monkey figure of eight.

    Initial thoughts were to take the hardtail but am considering my rigid fat bike.  Would I regret just having a bit of rubber and air (albeit a signficant volume of air) as my only means of front suspension?

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    It’s fine, I quite regularly ride it on my Stooge on 2.8s, I’m faster with squish but it all goes fine without. It’s not particularly rough and there are no real drops on the marked routes.

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    I’ve ridden the trails at Cannock a fair few times and I’ve seen people riding both of your options.

    I don’t think I’d miss suspension around Cannock. I’ve ridden a hardtail there many times.

    I’ve also seen plenty of rigid bikes, fat or normal, you’ll get around and have as much fun as everyone else :o)

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    I ride a fully rigid Stooge (3″ Minion up front, 2.3″ out back) around the Chase loads. It’s my local spot so I generally don’t ride the marked trails anyway. No problem riding a rigid bike anywhere up there, just a bit slower that’s all!

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    Thanks everyone.  Being slow really isn’t a problem for me ;-) so I think I may well let the Henderson have a bit of an outing.

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    Fat bike is perfect for Cannock, you can get away with a gravel bike if you finesse the braking bumps so I’d not worry about suspension

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    I’ve seen a chap do it and have fun on a gravel bike.

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    The off-piste is loads better but you’ll never find it without a guide

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    <Obi Wan Kenobi voice>

    There is no off-piste at Cannock, these are not the off-piste trails you seek…

    </Obi Wan Kenobi voice>

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    I’ve seen plenty of people running it, you don’t even need a bike.

    I’ve also seen people on horses on Follow your Dad & the Monkey trail, they are a bit like a bike with suspension, but a lot bigger.

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    I ride the green, blue, and some bits of red on a gravel bike. Fat bike will be fine, hard tail faster, FS faster again. Fun is relative.

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    Don’t forget your permit.

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    and long sleeves and goggles for the bramble strewn lower cliff descent.

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