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  • prawny

    Nothing that I’ve seen so far. Will be windy from about 4, probably wouldn’t risk it after that.

    I cant see me getting there much before 3.30ish so I might have to wait a couple of weeks til I’m up there again.

    Premier Icon Paul B

    I think you’ll be OK, forecast is dry and breezy.

    Worth looking at the Chase Trails or Cannock Chase AONB facebook pages for closures

    Yeah Paul, did that earlier and there was nothing, but thought I’d check. Will have to play it by ear and see what time I manage to leave site


    The met office isn’t giving out any warnings for the area. I think the amber warning is just for Ireland. Forecast is saying pretty much sunny until 5pm with temps of up to 19 degrees. Seems ideal to me, have fun.

    Anyone know of any issues/closures today? Been hearing about the bad weather and I know that Haldon is closed today.
    Will be travelling up to Derby today and thought I’d drop in for a play on the way to the hotel as I’ve not been before

    Will do my best to get there in time then!


    Dull & overcast at the moment, but it is warm

    It’s blowing quite a bit in wolves at the moment , and still picking up , check forestry website later on they tend to shut the car parks if it gets over 40/45 mph

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    A Force 5 is expected later today. That’s just a fresh breeze, not many trees will fall on you.
    The doom-laden pink sky and bright red sun might worry you more. Probably means Nibaru is about to crash into the earth.


    Chase trails FB page has updated to say let them know if any trees down and take care.

    I’d rather be over the chase than on the road, but still would be a bit oooh about it.

    Well that failed! I left too late to get there which was a piss poor excuse but looking at the wind on the drive up I might have been lucky

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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