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  • Cannock: Car broken into and bike… And most of my life stolen :(
  • Cannock Chase this afternoon, parked at the water works car park. Out for an hour. Lost a 2013 apple green Orange Five that I’ve just spent the last 5 months building up. White Kashima forks. Black Pro IIs on WTB rims. Renthal bars, gunmetal sunline stem. I hadn’t even ridden the bike yet.

    On top of this two North Face base camp bags were taken. One containing pretty much all the bike clothing I’ve carefully collected over the years…

    The other bag pretty much contained all the clothes I own. I was on my way to a conference and to see family and friends, and I’d pretty well packed everything I own.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, as always.

    Please keep your eyes peeled guys.

    I can’t quite figure how someone would actually do that, or how they manage to sleep at night? Beside the bike.. I don’t have any clothes or bike kit anymore.. I’m in a state of shock about it. They would’ve known what they were taking as both bags were unzipped.

    Photos of the bike to follow.

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    That sucks.
    Have a cruise around the local lanes in the day light, they will probably dump your stuff once they have been through it.

    They have done it because they are sh2t heads, probably just smashed and grabbed.

    Chin up.


    Yes, there are many thieving ****s around. Did you have insurance for the bike? I don’t have insurance for mine so I don’t leave it out of my sight.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Are you insured?

    Where was the car left?

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Scum 🙁

    Sadly the why is because they can, risk is extremely low for them and easy to sell on.

    Insurance is tricky in cars. Some specify the bike must be hidden out of sight when in a car.


    Some proper scumbags about mate. Hopefully you’ll find the bike. Get alerts setup on eBay and keep checking Facebook / Gumtree.


    Sorry try to say it but thats Cannock for you, been going on for years despite close police attention.

    Premier Icon orena45

    That proper sucks 🙁 Hope somehow you get everything back.

    Do you have another bike you can ride or was that your only one?


    That is dreadful. On a practical note, do you need an urgent clothes deposition? And where are you?

    As mentioned, they may have been dumped, but they may equally have been thrown in a car and driven away.


    That sucks mate.

    Just about to sort all my clothing. So if you are lrg/XL in clothing let me know and will sort out sending you some freebies.



    I’ve probably got a jersey or 2 I don’t wear – pm your address and I’ll get it in the post. I might have some clothes I don’t wear depending on size / style you’re after but not sure without looking.

    Nope. Not insured.. Not normally left out of my sight either. Was out for a quick lap on my 2007 Anthem at the time. So I’m not left bike less.. I was well aware of Cannock’s reputation and even had a pretty bad feeling about parking where I was, but I was also in a bit of a rush, so headed into the first parking spot I saw.. Just wish I hadn’t now.. 🙁

    I don’t live anywhere near Cannock – so if anyone spots anything looking like my clothes dumped somewhere out that way I would be grateful. The bike I can just about live with, replacing my whole wardrobe is pretty much impossible.

    Pond life.
    Actually no, as pond life has a purpose.

    Bring back corporal punishment for shite like these. (except they need to be caught first)

    Prison doesn’t work on them, & I should feckn know.

    Hope you have some luck OP.

    Premier Icon djflexure

    Sorry to hear this. I’d not even leave my bike on the car to go for a pee at Cannock.

    Premier Icon HansRey

    post up your clothes sizes and I’m sure STW can have a whip-round. Sorry to hear about the break-in


    as per usual scumbies are around looking for stuff to nick and sell on, those that buy the stuff should be prosecuted if caught as well, without a market for stolen stuff, stolen stuff doent have a value.


    Totally shit experience.

    Personally I wouldn’t have taken the risk, especially if I had a gut feeling as you did.

    Hope you get back the bike and didn’t lose anything irreplaceable.


    I’ve got loads of medium size bike clothes that i can send. Any good for you?


    What size riding clothes do you wear? Bloody thieves.

    Premier Icon ton

    got some xxxl underpants i can send you mate………. 😀

    chin up re the bike tho. because we all know the karma will catch em out.

    Mary Hinge

    Shit news n-e-d.

    Hope you get your stuff back.

    Premier Icon Evil E

    What size kit do you wear? And where are you based?

    Crap news OP. Can’t really say much else other than they are utter scum that do this.


    that is absolutely shit mate. I’ve parked at Cannock, not at birches Valley hundreds of times and never had any issue, even up to half ten at night. Was it just at the start of the Monkey? near the water pump station?

    Absolute scum, they deserve something very bad to happen to them.

    As others have pointed out, if Cannock is that bad surely it would be easy to catch them? Bike in car setup, group of lads circle the car and watch from afar and nail the scum!

    Some years ago, Boris Johnson said, “I think these people deserve punishment and I’m calling for Sharia law for bicycle thieves.”

    I think we can all agree.


    That sucks mate.

    I ride Cannock most weeks and always park at the water works, I’ve never heard of this before and usually on a saturday the place is rammed. I’m on a lot of local Buy/sell groups so will keep an eye out for you. I’m sorting through a load of clothes at the minute so i might have some stuff of use. My email is in my profile, send me an email when you get chance and I’ll do what I can.


    When you said not insured, foes that relate to bike only? If you have house insurance you might be covered for loss of the clothing away from home. Just a thought.

    Rogan Josh

    Ye mate get your address up, it’s not a charity thing it’s just helpin somebody out! I’ve got medium / large mtb kit and civvies you’re more than welcome to. Nightmare.


    Have some new and unworn civvies and mtb clothing your welcome to, what size are you mate.


    That’s s#1t,
    got a say the Times I’ve been there it has made me wonder about that kind of thing what with it being a popular spot out of the way,expensive gear etc etc,
    I’ve an urge helmet that I no longer use if your in a jam,clean no damage..offers there.(free).


    That’s a bummer, hope you get at least some of your gear back. Nice to see all the offers to send you replacement gear as well.

    I’m now going to start a post about a high class escort and bag of coke that was stolen from me earlier.


    Really sad to hear that news, even worse this time of year

    Blown away by the people on here however, post after post of people wanting to help out. Great forum and community of people on here

    Cheers chaps.. Overwhelmed with the response on here.. And still feeling pretty overwhelmed generally about it. The car was indeed parked just at the start of Monkey Trail beside the pump station. I deliberately put it there cos of various signs at that spot warning of CCTV coverage. They are just signs though, it appears. Strange thing was, the way I parked the car – it was parked in front of – or rather obscured by – a large rental van. It’s here say to suggest whether that had anything to do with it, but my gut tells me so. Van was driving out of the car park as I arrived, but I was in too much of a state of shock to consider reacting quickly to do anything. Almost makes me wonder if the van had been hired for the purpose.

    No house insurance though, no form of insurance whatsoever. I’m normally pretty god damn careful…

    Thanks for the very generous offers of support! I’m a M / L.. clothes size. Will need to let this all sink in before I really know what to do next. Might PM you guys later.. I’m at ajones(at)earthwatch(dot)org(dot)uk

    I’ve got a few t shirts and a pair of crappy holed and ripped casual trousers at home, plus my GFs gone out and bought some random crap, albeit warm and comfortable, clothes from Primark. They left my shoes, which is a bonus. And my free MBUK hat from 2013, which was nice of them. Running kit gone, swimming kit gone, blood pressure medication gone, toiletries, jeezus.. Even a small pocket radio that my late Dad bought me 20 years ago. Going through an inventory of it all in my head is pretty f’ing upsetting to be honest..

    I’m out and about tomorrow. Will keep ’em peeled and see if anything shows up locally.


    Realise not be smart to put your address up here so email me your address and I’ll get some stuff off to you.

    OP, what time did this happen?

    As others have said, pop a list up of what you need and we can pm you with offers and update as you get stuff to avoid you ending up with 10 tops and no shorts :).

    I’ve got a Roberts pocket radio sitting in a drawer somewhere doing nothing. One of these.

    Yours if you need/want it.


    I’m about to have a massive wardrobe clear out, size medium and typically 32″ waist.

    Also there’s a big bag of bike clothes too, all xc or roadie style. Let me know if you want anything

    Premier Icon chipps

    I’ve always had too much clothing and clutter. I’ll drop you a line…

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I lost about 10kg this year and so have quite a lot of spare 90kg bloke clothes (36w trousers, few 42-44 sweatshirts etc and work shirts 16 1/2 if you need that sort of thing). My wife would be delighted if they disappeared; I was planning on resurrecting the baggy look. (I have a feeling that sants will be bringing skinny shit my way).

    I don’t really have bike gear as such, apart from lycra shorts with chamois

    They’re all a bit old and so am I – I’d suggest you ignore this post if you’re under 50 30 😳

    email in profile. gear near southampton but we have a post office


    Really sorry to hear that.

    Was the bike visible in your car and how did they get into it?

    Premier Icon Andy

    Thats shit. I have a load of stuff – will email

    Premier Icon Andy

    Just to add – quite often travel the country with a car loaded with bikes and clothes so this is my nightmare scenario 🙁

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