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  • Cane Creek – Fantastic Customer Service !!!
  • nickegg

    They should be given the cost of DB! Not that the level of customer service should be equal to money spent.

    Fantastic pre sales and after sales service from Malcolm at Cane Creek over the last few months, regarding my incessant queries regarding the Cane Creek Double Barrel suitability with my Helius.
    He’s simply a top bloke – Why can’t everyone be as customer focused as these guys ?
    It makes purchasing so much more pleasurable, knowing you’ll get back up after sales and top notch customer service.
    He has advised shock settings, spring rates, looked at the leverage charts and shipped the Double Barrel complete with the re-designed Parabolic LS needles, which is as state of the art as it currently gets, apparently 🙂
    Not only that, but he’s shipped a new spring, FOC from the US for me to experiment with !


    We expect a full report, and how much did it cost to get in the UK.

    sq225917 – full report here :

    Nicolai + Cane Creek Thread

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Spot on nickegg. I suspect the number of DBs sold compared to say a Fox RP23 means Cane Creek have to ensure all the customers are happy. I suspect – but happy to be proved wrong – that you wouldn’t get that level of service discussing a £25 Cane Creek headset with them.

    true, but quality customer service pulls in repeat custom …..

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    Sadly – judging by many posts on STW and beyond – the core market who can’t afford/won’t afford this kind of top-end gear will rarely benefit from the great service you have had. I suspect the margin on the DB allows for the pre and after sales service. Anyway, must stop, it’s Friday and I don’t want to go (any more) into cynical mode. Glad you’re getting top-notch service.

    sorry – my point was Customer Service of this level is so unusual (unfortunately), that was all…


    In the 3 years i have been biking i have receieved great customer service. From Mojo when my 3 month old RP3 shock stuck down, when my brand new out the box Hope Vision one light wouldn’t turn on, when my 2 year old Hope XC hub flange snapped and Mojo again when i rebuilt my forks with the 15mm QR lowers.

    I must have been lucky considering some experiences i read here.

    Now….where did i put my piggy bank so i can buy a Cane Creek Double Barrel.

    Actually, would it even work well on a Orange 5?


    They’re £600ish correct?

    What kind of service do you get for your £380 fox RP23 or £900 fox 36’s for that matter? From what i hear its pretty poor (thinking about warranty returns for stancions etc).

    If I was buying a DHX for £350 and then paying £100 or so for custom tuning I’d consider splashing the extra £120 for this level of customer care without a doubt.

    ben – you’re right – buy an RP23/DHX and all you get is the shock + box, little interaction with the guy who built it, or a custom tune prior to delivery dependant on your riding style and frame characteristic, let alone, fre springs to dial in the perfect ride 🙂

    Can vouch for Malcolm as a top guy – bought a DB off fleabay nearly two years ago for £180 without hardware for the bike I needed to put it on. Sent it off to him after agreeing what I needed in two emails, within 10 days I had it back with hardware, service, correct spring and shipping. All for $40 which at the time was about 22 quid. BEST customer service ever

    mundies – that’s exactly what i mean – irrespective, he’s a top man…
    prior to the purchase, we discussed numerous issues involving the frame design and shock abilities….there was no hard sell, simply good solid advice 🙂

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