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  • wl

    Reckon you’ll struggle to ride bikes in March in BC. Guessing Pemberton would be a better bet than Whistler, but still I would have thought it’s highly likely to be deep in powder. Others on here will know with more detail/certainty.

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    I’m planning a big trip to Canada next year in March with my girlfriend. With it being early in the year, which places are feasibly going to be ridable (i.e. not covered in deep snow)? Or does Whistler have a place that rent fat bikes for some snow riding action?!

    We don’t have anywhere in particular we want to go, and the riding is only a secondary things (i.e. I’ll only be doing a few days), but I would really appreciate some pointers for places that will be rideable and awesome.



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    Sunshine Coast or the North Shore (lower trails) might be your bestest bet.

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    Or the Gulf Islands!

    Actually have a look here:

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    You’re going to really struggle to ride mountain bikes in March in Canada.. and why would you when you’ve got all that skiing to be done.

    If it’s not snowing it’s melting so it’ll be wet and slimy either way.

    If (and it’s a big if) it’s a dry year you might find some stuff in the interior in the valley bottoms but I’m not sure where. The only place I can think of off hand is the Three Blind Mice network outside Pentiction in the Okanagan.

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