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  • Canada, anyone went and not enjoyed it?
  • Marin

    Chic Scott stayed at my house in Liverpool he is The Man. Spent 3 days drunk in Montreal which was nice but not very helpful to you. Go and have a looks you can always come back.


    My Uncle lives in Vancouver. He’s been there 40+ years and enjoys it. I gather the weather there can be pretty shoddy – it comes straight off the Pacific.
    The Economist reckons they’re about to have a massive housing bust tho, which may or may not lead to less favourable economic times. I would def do some research around the state of the economy on that basis…

    _tom_ that was a good link, I’m already well versed in the buses to/from the North Shore, but hadn’t considered a link to the SSC!


    Rorschach – Member
    Walleater offa here has been there 10 years(ish).It’s hard to work out whether he likes it or not because he’s such a miserable shyster all the time.

    Yes, I had to get up early to get driven up Mt Seymour in order to ride a bloody bicycle down a hill in order to get the dog some exercise. Then I had to drink over priced beer (that the in-laws bought…) at 2.00pm on a patio, and the sun was waaaaaay too bright. Now I’ve got to go out and drink more beer in a pub that is 20 minute walk from our apartment. 20 MINUTES!!

    There’s certainly a lot of self centered people in Vancouver. Good luck pulling out of a junction on to a busy road, and if you are following someone through a door way, get ready for the door to get slammed in your face. We also have no shortage of stupidly rich people, and yet have a full on slum area with people dying on the streets. I certainly don’t regret coming here, but there’s no shortage of dicks here!


    The Economist reckons they’re about to have a massive housing bust tho,.

    LOL! I wonder if the Economist realises the estate agents out here have offices in Beijing with an inexhaustible supply of buyers willing to pay 100k over asking without even seeing the property in the flesh.


    mamadirt – Member

    Anyone have any experience of retiring to Canada, in particular health insurance issues?

    I hope you are incredibly rich

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I’d do it for a short term work posting. I’d try pretty much anywhere on those terms. It’s a great way to see the world.


    If only, eh plumber? Been doing a bit of homework and permanent residency is out of the question – I seem to fail the immigration questionnaire on all counts 😥 , but health insurance for visitors goes through the roof.


    sweaman2 – Member
    As above. You need to narrow it down a bit.

    I’m in Calgary, have been for almost 4 years and can’t see myself coming back.

    But it started snowing in October this winter and only stopped towards the end of April. That is a long winter if you do not ski or simmilar. I like the people but I mostly mix with bikers, skiers and climbers which is no different to the UK.

    Any specific questions though feel free to ask. There are threads on here as has been done before. I have some questions could you PM me please mail in profile.

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