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  • Can you recommend me a small speaker for holidays
  • Premier Icon keppoch

    After a small speaker for use on holidays. Looking for:

    – Small size
    – Decent sound and volume
    – Line-in and Bluetooth
    – Not too spendy

    I have been using an X-Mini 2 which has been good but doesn’t go that loud, and is now a bit broken.

    Any recommendations would be great.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    How small? JBL Flip is the general STW answer here.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Burcow is about 5 foot 6 😉

    … 😳


    we’ve got a few different speakers, but keep coming back to this. taken it around europe, as dead easy to throw in a pocket

    very small. excellent battery. decent volume. And put it on something magnetic (a fridge say), it uses that as the boom box. Amazing for the price, and now only a tenner.

    Premier Icon Spud

    Just bought a Cambridge Go V2, quite £ but we had a load of vouchers for John Lewis. Richer Sounds have them just under £50 in store and the Jabra one on their www gets rave reviews too. The Cambridge is good so far, wasn’t bought for holidays but for a funeral tomorrow :-(, however it will be going away everytime with us.

    I got one of these when they were going to 60 quid. Pretty impressed – good for the size. Only criticism is you can’t alter the volume of the start-up or shut-down voice when it shouts “powering on/off”. Otherwise all good, and still under a hundred.

    Ocado middle class speaker shopping linky


    Bose Soundlink Mini

    Amazing speaker, great sound and a handy recharging base.

    Premier Icon Jerm

    Love my UE Boom 2. Great sound, waterproof, tough, excellent battery life. Replaced a JBL Flip 2 with it. That was still a good speaker though a bit lacking in battery life.

    Bose sound mini link here, great speaker.


    Jbl flip 3 for me sounds great about the size of a beer tin and such a clear sound

    Premier Icon keppoch

    Ah, I was thinking palm size really, the sort of thing you could take anywhere, in looking at people’s suggestions Amazon suggested this to me:

    Anker speaker

    Which looks to have the features I am looking for, gets good reviews and pretty cheap.

    I am sure things like the JBL are better but I like small.


    Ronnie Corbett?
    A week with him might be a bit much though.


    Just thought. Is he still alive.

    Premier Icon Stainypants

    I was in the docs and i was reading What Hi Fi they did a group test and the JBL Charge 2 was the clear winner.


    seriously then, if you like small, get the nokia one. bung it on a fridge or radiator and enjoy

    I’ve got a highly rated (at the time) Sony SRS-X3. My daughters UE Boom is betterer


    If it’s small u want have a look at JBL Go. Cheap too, very impressive for the cash.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    Amazing sound to size ratio

    Premier Icon stumpy01

    In a typical recommend what you own fashion, I’ve got one of these Anker speakers….

    It is very good for the money. It connects quickly, sounds half decent & the battery life is fantastic – I think it’s rated at 20hrs and I can well believe I get close to that.
    Regarding size, it’s just over 3x3x2″ – it’s pretty compact, but I guess the cylindrical one you link to will be a bit more compact…..

    Premier Icon howarthp

    Minirig +1

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    I’ve been using the Wowee One for a few years, it’s a good solid bass should if you stick the gel base to cupboards and such.
    Fits in your hand, Bluetooth and line in. Had some great reviews, can be found on Amazon.

    Premier Icon Sundayjumper

    Another Bose Soundlink Mini owner. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it amazing but it’s definitely good enough, and satisfyingly heavy too.


    Minirig +2 (and +3, the wife has one as well)

    Premier Icon binners

    This little Sony SRS-X11B is surprisingly good for the money. Cheap as chips (40 quid), and the sound quality is far betterer than anything so dinky has a right to be. Bought for our hols a couple of years back, and now used daily as an external speaker for my Mac

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Got to be a Minirig. First thing in the suitcase when we go away.

    Then I take it out because I remember it has to go in hand luggage as it has a Li-ion battery.


    I bought one for £7, wire in only works just fine. Rechargeable via USB. RYGHT (French brand). Inise it woth my phone and computer. They do a Bluetooth for £15

    Link for reference, no need tomspend £££ IMHO

    Darty: French version of Curry’s

    Premier Icon toby1

    I have a Cambridge G2, first one worked well for just shy of 2 years, then the battery refused to take a charge, had purchased from JohnLewis who replaced with a brand new model.

    I like the build quality and sound, sturdy but portable. Good battery life (pending problems with all out failure).

    As for the Bose, I found the bass amplification too artifical. Also didn’t like the UE boom much despite the sales guy continually trying to sell it to me at the time in JL.

    Premier Icon kelron

    I have an Amazon basics one, really good for £30. Not pocket sized but easy to pack for holiday. Long battery life, reasonable quality sound and loud.

    UE Boom/Roll are supposed to be among the best portable ones, cost a fair bit more but they’re waterproof/drop resistant too.

    Premier Icon beanum

    I was gonna say the Minirig isn’t Bluetooth, then I checked the link.

    Minirig +5 in that case…:-)

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