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  • Can you recommend me a nice restaurant in Paris please
  • Tom B

    ….for Mrs B’s 30th birthday, next March.

    I’ve just booked her a surprise 2 night trip to Paris on her actual birthday. We love the city, but as foodies I have to say, were very underwhelmed by the food when we last went…..I’d guess that we just weren’t at the right places!

    We’re staying right by Parc Monceau so somewhere not too far away if possible.


    L’ Ecluse ave Carnot near the arc de Triomphe

    Edit: it’s quite trad so maybe not what you are looking for.

    *Rolls up sleeves*

    The 8th is a bit of a challenge for me, so here’s a couple of my fave Paris spots. Hope it’s of some help!

    Le Train Bleu. A bit of a way across town at Gare de Lyon. Yes, it really does look like this!

    Le Clos Bourguignon. In the 9th, and just around the corner from an old office of mine. Perhaps my favourite watering hole and bistro in Paris. It’s nothing special, but that’s exactly why I find it special. It’s a very “real” Parisian bistro. Family run, well priced and you simply must drink the chilled Fleurie with your Steak Frites.

    Fouquet’s – Probably the closest to your hotel, and very glam with it. A little touch of Hollywood in Paris. Only went once, for lunch, but was very impressed.


    Chez Georges

    Rob Hilton

    I went here a few years ago:

    Nowhere near as poncey as it could have been and very relaxed – superb food and top notch service.

    Premier Icon thetallpaul

    L’Affroile is a short walk from the Eiffel Tower.
    Quite possibly the best meal we have ever eaten.
    Staff were wonderful.
    Not too ponsey.
    You definitely need to book for an evening meal.
    Recommended in an article in the Sunday Times several years ago.
    If you time it right you can catch the Eiffel Tower lit up and sparkling (apparently on the hour every hour after dark).


    No, soz


    Alain Ducasse Bistro – Benoit – 1 Michelin star. Pricey (as you would expect for Ducasse) traditional bistro done very well. Benoit

    Let me know what you think. Will get you some other suggestions (lived there for a year a gf is Parisian)

    Have a look at website / app “La Forchette” great for discounts and reviews


    Don’t bother with pretentious French food, it’s as pass√© as French wine.

    Lebanese every time for fresh, healthy food and friendly service.

    Bookmarked for my trip to Bercy next week!

    Tom B

    Interesting Globalti….we went to a Lebanese restaurant on our last trip to Paris, and it was just as overpriced and mediocore as the other meals that we had!

    This place is terrific. Super friendly, lovely food, devastatingly expensive but then that’s Paris.


    Clementine in the 2nd arrondisement


    Le Hide by the Arc de Triomphe. It’s tiny so be sure to book and don’t be late, 15 mins and you’re losing your table.


    There’s been a few Paris restaurant threads on here over the last year so it’s worth searching the site

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