Can you motivate yourself to go out in the rain?

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  • Can you motivate yourself to go out in the rain?
  • Premier Icon jam bo

    Most of the time. However only since having children and limited time.

    If I’ve managed to free up a couple of hours to go riding I’m going whatever.


    Yes I can and its never as bad as you think its going to be. I like riding in really heavy rain when its warm.


    Sometimes, though tomorrow is predicted to have 3 weeks rain in 24 hours so have cancelled a planned ride and will be doing some DIY in the dry 🙂

    Premier Icon jam bo

    Saying that I went riding at 5am yesterday just to get a ride in before the rain arrived..

    Premier Icon binners

    I know what you mean. If I only make it to the bottom of the road before it starts, even if it doesn’t stop for the rest of the ride, I’m ok with it. But theres something uniquely dispiriting about setting off in the rain. Puts you in the wrong frame of mind from the off


    did a wet summer cx race ysty evening was great .. good slides 🙂

    +1 on binners. Mid ride rain is OK. Start off rain is meh.

    MTB – yes, majority of the time. Road – rarely, if at all.


    It depends how desperate I am to ride. If I’ve already managed a couple of decent rides in the dry then I’m happy to give it a miss if it’s raining, but if I haven’t been out in a while I just MTFU and go for it. The first thing I do is hit a couple of really muddy puddles, just to get myself nice and dirty, then after that I couldn’t care less. I usually end up getting home with a massive grin on my face.

    Sod it – going to the gym. Testosterone will have to suffice in lieu of endorphins!


    I primarily ride trials which is a dry sport (if your me anyway) so any opportunity is a good one wet or dry!

    Premier Icon mcnultycop

    Always. I love it in the rain.

    Dave – riding tonight if you aren’t to much of a pussy?

    If you’re on a road bike OP, mudguards make a huge difference. Even if it’s raining when you leave, your feet and arse aren’t soaked by the end of the street.

    If not, Sean Kelly has it:

    Interviewer: How do you know if the weather’s too bad to train?
    SK: I train, and when I come back I know if it was too bad.

    (paraphrasing slightly)

    Premier Icon muggomagic

    I struggle with motivation if it’s been raining for a few days+ as I know it’ll mean carrying/pushing the bike through deep mud. If it’s been dry for ages and it’s raining I don’t mind so much as I know it’ll just be a bit wet and I’ll still be able to ride the route (this is of course assuming I’m in possession of my mtbing mojo).

    If you’re on a road bike OP, mudguards make a huge difference

    Oooh, noooo!

    Knobblies all the way for me

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Hate setting off in the rain, tend to sack it off. But desperation plays a part – commuted in this morning as I’ve been away with work for a couple of days and really needed a ride.

    And I prefer proper rain to the misty drizzly nonsense we’ve had most of today.


    wimped out this morning..

    It was pouring down, I’d already been woken up far too early, we were a bit behind schedule and the idea of a strenuous 3 mile hill with two kids in the trailer, followed by a a cold wet coast back down after dropping them off did not appeal..

    we got a taxi – I will not be drinking any beer this weekend 😐


    Sometimes go out, but it is handy doing other sports. I don’t mind riding in rain, but cleaning the bike after a short ride seems a bit pointless. So I’ll go for a run or a paddle – as long as it is exercise outside I’m less troubled by the form it takes.

    But there is something weirdly good about coming back muddy and knackered after several hours in the rain pushing hard enough never to feel cold. And then getting in the shower.


    When I ran every day the weather never bothered me, but I don’t ride in the rain (or high winds) unless I’ve arranged to meet someone.

    Premier Icon njee20

    I like riding in really heavy rain when its warm.

    +1, very satisfying!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Just spent half an hour getting ready and there was always the threat of rain, but thought I might get lucky. The very second I set foot outside to fetch the bike from the shed and down it comes.

    I know skin’s waterproof blah, blah and I can cope if it starts mid-ride, but let’s face it, it’s less than a pleasant experience. Don’t think I can be bothered to get wet from the outset.

    Now sat here annoyed and needing a dose of MTFU

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