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  • can you have too many bikes……….?
  • soma_rich

    I have 4 in my bedroom that has room for 2 bikes. So yes you can have too many but you can always find space for one more 🙂

    You can never have too many bikes, but I find it difficult to find the time and money to keep my current stash mechanically sound, so about 6 is the limit for me.


    Personally I dislike the thought of bikes not getting used, just sitting in sheds and garages gathering dust. If they all get used, then you haven’t got too many IMHO


    Nah, you can only have too little space or time to ride them all.

    If you have the space and can keep them running well then its great. My only criteria is that I really need to like the bikes i have a lot. There is no point in having a bike if there is another on you would always rather take out. I have 7 (2 are road bikes do they count) and although a bike may not get any use for a month or two it will then get used 10 times in the next month and its like having a new bike again.

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    X = n + 1 and all that.


    i had 12 old school BMX and didnt ride any of them , my missus said i could buy a $4000 MTB if i sold some , so i sold 2 and got $4500, i have now sold nearly all of them as i have no time or space …and im now a mtb’er . and NOW ride a $10,000 bike ……

    so , NO you cant have too many , its just about balance ….

    1) do you have space for them ?
    2) does she allow that many ?
    3) Can you afford them ?

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    thing is i have a
    f/s 29r
    rigid ss 29r
    ‘core’ hardtail
    steel tourer
    and i want a road bike and a cx bike.
    seen a scott cx comp what looks like a road bike with knobblies.
    should i get it and use it for both and just changge tyres.
    of should i just use the tourer for all 3 duties……

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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