Can you buy wedges for MTB cleats?

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  • Can you buy wedges for MTB cleats?
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    I got some Shimano M182n shoes last year, and they tend to force my foot inward, can you buy wedges for under the cleats?




    Yes, I got mine from Cyclefit in Covent Garden.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I also got some from cyclefit I think.

    Premier Icon brant

    They used to be called “Big Meats”.

    Probably best not googling for that though.

    I think they’re called Lew Wedges now?


    I don’t really understand how that can work with SPD style cleats ’cause the shoe sits on the pedal. Grinding a bit out of the sole of the shoe might work, but wedges under the cleat, no.


    They only work on Shimano cleats, and even then they may not work very well with newer more open pedal designs.

    You’d be better off getting the Specialized wedges for inside your shoe. Any Specialized shoe retailer should have them.

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    Cheers gents, i’ll try a washer or two under the cleat to see if the idea works.

    In inside the shoe wedge might no work. the shoe doesn’t have a lot of room in it compared to my other shimano shoes. Although tey tend to be more recreational type ones.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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