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  • Can thick grips cause hand pain?
  • I am a large or xl in gloves so bought and use some of the fat superstar grips. Recently my hands (Mainly the heel) have started to hurt on dhs. Could the grips be too fat or is it too much weight on my hands and i need to sort that?

    could be carpal tunnel.. how old are you? do you have pain doing other stuff with your hands?

    could be bar position etc.. might be thick grips, but xl gloves do suit a thick grip for me…

    I have thick grips and well padded gloves as I can’t have trail shake for work. I’ve not had a problem
    But when mates have had a go on my bike some have said the thicker grips make their wrists hurt. If your after a thicker grip I like DMR and Tioga. Hope you get sorted.


    i like my thick grips and i just have regular size hands. Bought a new bike with thin grips on and had to buy new thick ones again as my hands were hurting. I guess everyone is different.


    Thick grips + big padded gloves = pain in my hands. I ride the fat superstar grips with thinner gloves.

    When I first started riding, I had thin grips and my hands hurt like hell after a long ride.

    i have had a stiff neck over the last week which has previously been a cause if hand pain. Maybe some stretching

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    i’ve got large-ish hands – size 10? (at least that’s what it says in my new gloves)

    i find thin grips make my knuckles hurt.

    so, your grips may or may not be (part of) the problem, we need more info.

    is it both hands that hurt? – equal amounts?

    it’s on downhill bits that you feel the pain? – how many fingers are you braking with, how far in/out is the bite point?

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    Grip thickness is totally down to personal preference as you probably know, but I find I’m not a fan of the superstar thick grips despite them looking promising. They hurt the heel of my hands in use too.

    In fact, every time I’ve tried a different grip for the last 8 years or so, I keep going back to my old favourite, the ODI Rogue Lockons as they’re by far the most comfortable IMO.


    I get pain in my hands sometimes from thin grips – I guess it’s a personal thing

    If you changed the grips and northing else and then get hand pain it would seem likely that that is a cause


    Too much palm padding with wide bars does it for me usually. Better to go for thin palmed gloves and see how it goes.


    I found those Superstar grips are very painful to use because of the sheer size of them. Thin grips all the way (though not too thin- I have pain with Charge Sponges. Odi Ruffians seem perfect)

    Too many variables! Shifter/brake position, riding posture, hand strength, brake strength blah de blah de blah.

    I find that Royal’s 0.5mm thick gloves (signature?), these with some well worn ODI Ruffians suits me well. I have large hands with XL thumbs (no, really!). Overly padded gloves and thicker cheap lock ons made me feel like I had less control and I think gripped harder to compensate; which made me ache.

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    I went from odi lock ons to these sunline logo grips after getting a fair amount of pain with my odi lock ons after breaking two bones in my wrist. They seem to have done the trick for me.

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    Recently my hands (Mainly the heel) have started to hurt on dhs.

    Try rotating your bars back a little. This will take the pressure off the outside of your hands.

    I find that bar position affects when my palms hurt – bars that ‘drop’ towards the end seem a more comfortable rather than those with a bit of upsweep, if you know what I mean. Try swivelling your bars back a touch and see if this helps. It’s cheaper than buying new ones anyway.

    Personally though, I find thick grips more comfortable, I had those thin Superstar ones and they used to kill my hands.

    Rob Hilton

    I like thick squishy grips and I’ve got tiny girl’s hands – ODI Rogues or Yetis are my favs.

    OP – if you want to swap your chunky ones for some skinnies mail me.

    I used get a lot of hand pain with thicker grips – had the thick Sunlines, changed to thinner ODIs and problem solved. Now on ODI Troy Lees, somewhere in between size-wize, perfect.


    I use the thinnest grips I can get or I have terrible problems with cramp in my hands. I have a similar problem using thick winter gloves or gloves with extra padding in the palm area. Currently running Odi Ruffians waffle pattern.

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