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  • Can someone please help (mixing road & mtb gearing)
  • sq225917

    yes all cross compatible


    think the back should be fine. front is where the problems can occur. a mtb front mech(max 48t) on a road chainring wont work (not enough throw). shimano do a front mech for flatbar shifters. dont know if the deores are compatable with that.

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    Only trouble you may have is with an MTB shifter and road front mech, they can work together, but not always very well. Rear 9 spd stuff all works fine, although getting anything bigger than a 28 in the back can be a problem, I’ve ran an 11-32 with Tiagra mech before though.

    ditto, the front wot work, a roadie fron mech can work with MTB shifters sometimes, but obviously you loose the ability to trim the mech to let the chain through without rubbing.

    Thanks for all the responses, I’ll try to track down the mech that tank mentioned, I guess I could always just use an old thumbie for the front 😀


    i also run flatbar specific shifters for road gearing. these, got mine from ebay for £20. parker inernational were good for the front mech. here

    Hi all,

    I’m going to put some gears on my Cotic RoadRat and have come to a bit of a stumbling block with the front gearing. I’ve picked out a 9-speed cassette and rear mech (both sora) and intend to use deore mtb shifters (on Mary Bars).

    -Will a front deore shifter (ie three speed) work ok with a road double chainset?
    -Will a rear road mech and cassette work ok with a rear deore shifter?

    All suggestions greatfully received!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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